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chocbiscuitcake Posts: 658
Hi ladies, My car insurance is up for renewal soon and so I've been doing a bit of online browsing. The current lowest quote is with a crowd called who seem to be part of FBD from what I can see. I've gotten online quotes directly from all the main insurers - does anyone else have any recommendations for good prices? I don't have my licence all that long so it still is quite dear! So, who are you with, do you think it's a good price? Thanks!
Momof2 Posts: 3884
one direct have been for threee years now when I swirtched they were 400euro cheaper than AXA my insurance is always around 300 now and hubbies has gone from 800/900 to around 400 when he switched ( because I'm clearly the safer driver :o0 )!!
crimbobaba Posts: 52
Hi, i've just joined they seem to be the cheapest i was with quinn driect and changed as nonosence was cheaper. them seem to be ok to deal with although am still waiting for my insurance disc!!!!! 3 week later!!!
brightling Posts: 1496
With Allianz Direct for last five years, thought this years quote a bit steep. Got it down by 150 euro with
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Frank Glennons Insurance, $379 a year, 27 yr old female, full licence, 1.6l 00 Seat Leon.
mollyeile Posts: 2486
I'm with Zurich and himself is with FBD. He found it hard to get quoted for insurance (26, full license but only 6month named driver experience) but FBD gave him a good quote and he's happy with them. I switched from Quinn to Zurich last year as Quinn were getting expensive
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
I was with Quinn last yr at €725 and this year they sent the renewal of €738... so i bascially rang them and told them to stick it!!... Think i got a quote off every online source and all i was getting was between €1000 - €1300... rang and they quoted my €1600 :eek i nearly fell off my seat :o0 ... Final attempt rang Zurich and asked for a quote on their Ladystar policy... €478 :o)ll thats on a 1.9L and DH is on policy too.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I just switched to Axa for €360. My insurance for this year would have been €391 with eagle star. That is for open drivinf fully comp with 3 years no claims bonus.
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Im with €385.00 ive only been driving 4 years so i think ive got a good rate of them.My DH is with them to
justwaitin Posts: 2462
im doing mine through i got it for 460 axa wanted 980, full lience,4 year so claim bonus, 04 renualt senic.