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02Sept05 Posts: 33
Hi, I'm 6 weeks yay! :) To put a dampner on it, 3 weeks ago my brothers partner had a still birth. She carried a perfectly healthy the baby for over 9 months. I mentioned this to the doctor when I went to get my pregnancy confirmed and she ensured me that it happens rarely. I'm trying to be excited about my pregnancy. But I am worried that something could go wrong, even though I know it's very unlikely that it will. But the real reason why I'm posting is that, I decided on combined care, semi private in the Rotunda and then my doctor. I went for my first antinatall visit with my doctor and the nurse took my BP and did a urine test. That's all! My next visit is in the Rotunda at week 16 (mid November). They will do a scan and take blood then. I'm concerned that this is not happening till week 16. IT's my first pregnancy, do you think that's a bit late. Do most people not have their first scan at week 12, or at least blood tests done before then? If I went privately (even to MT Carmel) would this be any different? Thanks for your help.
Ivory Bride Posts: 111
Hi, I am going private in the coombe and have had my first scan already I was just 12 weeks going in for my scan but the doc thinks my dates may be out by 2 weeks and I could of been only 10 but I have to wait until my next visit early Oct to find out correct due dates. Im also doing combined care with my GP and visited the nurse 2 weeks before my scan I am due to go back to her before 20 weeks. Hope this helps
02Sept05 Posts: 33
Thanks Ivory Bride. It does help. I don't think I'm am getting the level of care needed (or that I want). I'm going to make a few phone calls today!
grumpy Posts: 1280
First of all, congratulations!! I am going with the Domino scheme in the Rotunda, combined with GP visits. My first visit to the GP, I only got bp taken, didn't have to give a urine sample. Next visit was from the midwife at 12 weeks, she took bloods and urine then. Just had my scan on Wednesday at 19 weeks. The midwife on Wednesday told me it was because I'll only be getting the one scan (Domino is a public scheme) so they wait till the spinal cord closes and they can see all the internal organs. Given the circumstances, if I were you, I would be trying to swap to private care. They will give you the much greater one-on-one level of care and assurance that you need right now. Seeing as you're still very early on, you shouldn't have too much difficulty swapping over.
daisies Posts: 23
I'm going to Mt Carmel and had my first scan at nine weeks and will see the doc again in 4 weeks and he will do a scan each time. IN all I will have 3 big scans and scanned each time I visit doc.
Tedsters Posts: 1688
02Sept05 I am so sorry to hear about your brother's partner and it must be a terrible thing for them go to through right now. Sorry cannot advise about care but the girls here give fantastic advise. Take care. Mrs Ted.
02Sept05 Posts: 33
Thank you all, I'm feeling really hormonal today! Mind is racing. I'm not going to make any crazy decisions but I have phone MT Carmel to ask about the care I would receive there. I'm waiting for them to call back! I've to relax now :)
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
You do get a lot more scans if private.I had one at 10 weeks it was amazing to see the baby!! Good luck either way!!