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LadyStobart Posts: 3
Hi Guys, Long time lurker, first time poster! I have been asked to look after two 7 month old boys (twins) for the day and night of a wedding for a bride. I am a Montessori teacher and a trainee play therapist so one could say that I have the desired experience and qualifications. The bride actually got my contact information from the wedding coordinator of my own wedding venue (Kildare) as she is travelling to the venue (from Cork I believe) and I only live 15 minutes away, wedding coordinator gave her the number of one young girl in the area but she declined as she wanted someone more qualified, insurance, Garda vetting etc. So the wedding coordinator thought of me and asked if she could pass on my details. She has asked that I take the children straight after the ceremony 2p.m. (Saturday) and they will stay in my house that night and I will then drop them back the following morning at approx 11.30a.m. (Sunday) She asked me to get back to her with a price and now I'm stumped? I haven't "babysat" since I was 18. I used to get roughly €50 for a night of babysitting but that mostly consisted of me sitting on my ar*e eating junk food and watching tv and checking the children, you know yourself. [b:6x0uqk9z]How much should I charge her for this?[/b:6x0uqk9z] Thank so much for any help or ball park figures you can give me! S x
Sarahflower Posts: 36
Hi there, the place i got married offered a childminding service which my aunt availed of. She had 2 girls aged 4 and 2 and had the childminder take them just as we arrived at the hotel and play with them for the evening, feed them dinner take them up to the room, put to bed and stay in the room until my aunt came up to the room for the night. The charge for that was 10 euro per hour. She was an older lady with childcare qualifications so my aunt was more than happy to pay that rate. From reading your explanation it sounds like you'd be doing a very similiar service, only its overnight and from your own house. Id definitely quote 10 euro an hour for the daytime hours and then maybe add an overnight fee? Id be thinking a total in the region of 150-250 euro? Most people these days pay young babysitters 40 odd euro to 'babysit' which is really just watch telly for a few hours so id imagine they understand a full day and overnight rate will be a lot more? Dont undervalue yourself. I wonder if you contact the hotel would the co ordinator tell you how much it would have cost if she had gotten the younger girl? That might give you a guide price?
marialouise Posts: 212
So the ceremony starts at 2 and you're collecting them after is it? Is it a church ceremony? That would probably be 3.30pm ish so to start, after that it's 20 hours of work! I know some of it you'll all be sleeping but you are still responsible, it's two children not just one, and they'll probably wake during the night so there's a lot to consider. Maybe charge by hour for the time they're awake and agree a fixed cost then for the night or something? I get €10 ph for childminding a family of three school going children, and I am not at all as qualified as you, so don't be afraid to charge relevant to your experience. If she wanted a teen babysitter she would have gotten one already. I definitely charge less when I'm "babysitting", which for me is yeah, watching tv and making sure they've their teeth brushed, but this is quite different and should be charged accordingly. You'll be taking them into your home, feeding them, changing them a few times, possibly waking up during the night, collecting them, dropping them and as you said you have your own costs such as insurance etc. I don't actually know what people would expect to pay for this but definitely don't charge €50! I'll put a ballpark figure of €175-€250 out there and leave other wollies to debate what they think of that, we can have a game of 'higher or lower'! :o0
marialouise Posts: 212
Oh yes, someone else replied while I was typing my reply and has come up with pretty much the same response! Hope that helps you that we both said pretty much the same thing! :-8
LadyStobart Posts: 3
Ladies, Thank you both so much for your replies, both great food for thought! I suppose there was one part of me that didn't want to fleece this poor bride to be, but then on the flip side as you said MariaLouise, there's two young children, I'll have them for 20 hours and it's active child minding as opposed to sitting down watching T.V. while the children sleep. It is my own ignorance, as in lack of knowledge as [i:32jyv87l]I[/i:32jyv87l] don't have any children, and I haven't babysat in years but I might give her a price of €225 and if she gets back to me that's great, I can pay for my own wedding shoes! [u:32jyv87l]Thank you so much[/u:32jyv87l], I really value your opinions! S x
marialouise Posts: 212
I think €225 is fair enough, a little bit of wiggle room to negotiate if she needs. As it is her wedding day and her children, I think €225 is a small price to pay for peace of mind of having them with a qualified adult for the whole day and night, she's probably spent that on shoes as you say! Also depends how badly you want to do it :o0 Good luck anyway!
MissyM67 Posts: 337
I think somewhere between 200 and 250 is perfect.
Rasberry Posts: 56
to take the sting out of it I'd probably charge 200 as other wise you are charging 11.25 euro an hour for every hour and I'm presuming not giving much to the tax man :innocent: