Clip in Hair Extensions

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WinterWonderland Posts: 1242
Just wondering if anyone has these? Decided to buy some over the weekend as a bday pressie to myself & wondering how people get on with them? Do they stay in all night?!
smartie pants Posts: 842
I ordered some online and they look great. But I haven't worn them out yet. A bit nervous that they'd fall out! They feel quite secure. Would be interested to hear of other peoples experiences!
Lulu08 Posts: 175
Hi, I got them and they are fab. Took them to my hair trial too and had them curled, they were really secure and you couldnt tell the differnece between my hair and the extensions. Wore them out too and stayed in place all night. I had a few practice nights in the house first before I was brave enough to wear them out - but neednt have worried. :wv
Faireez Posts: 973
I know 2 people with these and they look brilliant. I plan on getting them as I'm trying to let my hair grow but I think it's just stopped. Best of luck with them.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
i got the human ones a few yrs ago but they a bit ratty now so i got the jessica simpson ones but u cannot curl or straighten them, my h2b always says he can see the line of my own hair ending and the extensions being longer so i always have them curly so u cant see the line, im blonde which makes the line more visable i think darker hair blends better
hotlips Posts: 433
hey girls, I would be interested in these for the day but where and what should i buy? Is it horse hair? Thanks hotlips
august belle Posts: 91
i'm a hairdresser and have used the clip in hair extensions myself and i have also bought the hair glue for the extensions and find them brilliant they feel much more secure but make sure to buy the glue remover too.
WinterWonderland Posts: 1242
Cheers girls - great to see all the good reports!! Mine were posted from UK yesterday so fingers crossed I should have them for the weekend... I sense a new outfit will have to be bought to complement the hair >:o) >:o) !! Think I'll wear them around the house for a few nights first tho too before I head out with them - just for security! The are 100% European Human hair (seemingly indian/oriental hair is more course??) that can be coloured, washed, straightened & curled - she said as they are human hair I can treat it just like my own hair. Can't go wrong for €50 can ya? :o)ll :o)ll Hotlips i got mine from Ebay - this is the lady I went throught - she is very helpful! Best of luck [url:1bvjncew][/url:1bvjncew] Thanks again girls :thnk :thnk
hotlips Posts: 433
Thanks WinterWonderlandBride Gotta love Ebay! I'll have a look now. Only thing is I have highlights in my hair, hopeully it will be ok though. thanks again H
orangerose Posts: 76
How did you know how much of them to buy ? Or say for the €50 did you get enough? I would like some to clip under my own hair for extra length but not sure if ordering from ebay how will i know how much to get