CORK hairdresser crisis!!

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jillywife Posts: 49
have a miniature crisis on my hands & would appreciate help from anyone in the know about cork hairdressers. am getting married in cork on the august bank holiday monday and cannot find a hairdresser! the main problem is that i'm living in the states, and i don't know any hairdressers personally, nor do i have any girlfriends in cork who can help me out. the salons are obviously all closed for the bank holiday (and it's a monday, anyway) so it'll have to be someone who does freelance work. (or who wouldn't mind doing freelance work this one time!) any/all help & advice appreciated!!!
Fleur Posts: 569
Well is it for an upstyle... becuase my local hairdresser was meant to get this lady (from latvia or lithuania) who doesn't have great English but is meant to be fantastic at upstyles and she usually works for some fancy wancy hairdresser in Cork but he said she'd come down to West Cork... anyway.... I haven't heard from him yet about her and will need to go in on Saturday to remind him but if I get a name (no promises cause this guy is a bit flaky) then I'll send it on to you. The other suggestion would be to ring up some of the hairdressers directly and see if they can recommend somone... you'd never know. My Mum was in the business for years and she'd always help out so you might just be lucky that way. Send me a PM so I have you in my inbox and I can be reminded of it if I get her name but your best bet would be to ring around to a few of your local hairsalons and see if they can recommend someone - is it Cork City you are coming to?
Ettybertie Posts: 306
Try the Cork Academy of Hairdressers. on 4271403 or 4251169.
jillywife Posts: 49
thanks ladies! am still keeping my ear to the ground but may try ringing the hairdressing academy next week to see what they have to say to me:)
vic Posts: 271
Hi there My cousin Sharon is a hairdresser and she is doing my hair for my wedding in September. Her salon is called Dynamix Hair & Beauty. Its on Thomas Davis St; Blackpool, Cork. I know she has accomodated people on bank holidays before and Im sure she would have no problem helping you out if your stuck. My other cousin Carol is a beautician and she works from there also. She is really good at doing make-up, nails etc. Good Luck!
jillywife Posts: 49
Hi Vic, Thanks for letting me know about your sister's salon. Blackpool would actually be pretty convenient for me, so I may give her a ring to see what she says. Would you mind posting the phone number either here or in a pm? (In america so don't have a phone book handy!!)
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vic Posts: 271
Hi there jillybride, Sorry it took so long for me to reply but I havent logged on in a while! My cousins salon is Dynamix hair and beauty. Telephone number: 00353 21430 8748. Ive told her your predicament and she has no problem in opening for you! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you out with. Good luck!
jillywife Posts: 49
Vic! You're a darling!! I'll give her a ring tomorrow (Friday). Gosh. This is great. jillybride
jillywife Posts: 49
Hi Vic, I just rang your cousin, Sharon, and it sounds like she's able to help me out! I'm so excited. I think I caught her at a bad time though - it sounded like she was up the walls. (That, and she couldn't hear me properly. The line was really bad.) Actually, my mom was just telling me how she needs to go for a haircut. Maybe I'll ask her to go in and have a chat with Sharon to confirm the date and time etc. I think it would be easier to do it that way instead of over the phone. Thank you so much! jillybride
vic Posts: 271
Thats great jillybride!! :lol: Thats another thing off your mind!! Its great to get things out of the way!! Fridays and saturdays are crazy at the salon. Its usually out the door with people so that would explain the madness!! I have to say Sharon is really good, especially at wedding hair. Im just having loose tumbling curls for my wedding day and my bridesmaids are having theres swept back in a kind of modern style bun effect. We had a trial and she had the girls done in about 15 mins each and they looked stunning. If you are arriving a few days beforehand you should try to fit in a trial. She works late Thursdays and Fridays. Let me know if you want me to ask her anything for you cos i know its probably frustrating with the bad line- long distance and all that!! Regards Vic