DD and bedroom ?

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Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Hi girls Wot to do wot to do !!! can't seem to decide on anything lately O:| anyway here is my bilema and I'm hoping I can decide then with the help of some of u :o)ll :o)ll DD in her room at mo which is on the same hall as our bedroom. New baby arriving please god in Aug Do we move DD up to other spare bedroom which is up the other hall ??or leave her where she is ? If I move her I will have to have monitor so that means I will have 2 monitors in our room for a long long time as there is too much of a distance between our room and new bedroom :( I dunno wot the archetect was thinking at the time !!! I only said to hubbie last nite that most kids wake up at any age dreaming etc I would'nt hear her without the monitor !! Its this or else we move up out of our ensuite and move into one of the bedrroms or convert the new sitting room into our room and then we would have 3 bedrroms up same hall,sorry at mo 2 b.rooms up 1 hall and 2b.rooms on another I know a bit confusing Anyone ???? also have a King size bed in the spare room with all the furniture and hubbie thinks this will be too big for DD she will be lost in it ??oh goes on and on sorry bit of a rant at the moment :( My hormones are at me big time today and everything bothering me :-8 Thanks girls appreciate any help.
galway07 Posts: 660
DS is just gone one and will be 14 months when the next baby is born, please God. We are going to leave DS where he is because I think he is better off in the room he is used to. We plan on using two monitors. Have the angelcare one at the moment. I turn the volume down to the lowest setting when going to bed so I don`t hear every little noise and it works well. I`d hold on to your ensuite if I were you. And I`m sure you will be putting the new baby in your own room for the first while. That small baby cry is very hard to sleep through anyway! I`m sure it will work out fine.
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
:o( ok i do understand it was a bit of a rant today :-8