DDs head flopping in car seat

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mrs.july Posts: 3167
The past week or two I've noticed that DD's head is flopping onto her chest when she falls asleep in car seat. This never happened before and she is only 8kg and petite frame so plenty of room in the seat. any ideas why is is happening now?? Am paranoid everytime I drive with her now.
shazfla Posts: 432
This happened to my ds yesterday too. Never happened before and hes only 4 mths so tonnes of room in it. Was fine in it today so maybe he was positioned wrong. If she keeps doing this maybe time to think of moving up to next stage car seat. Sorry not of much help to you.
MrsDoyle Posts: 663
Hi mrs.july I've noticed this happens sometimes to DS too and it's usually when he's up a little bit too high in the seat. Also, if the straps are a bit loose, he would tend to come forward as well. Every time I think I've gotten the hang of it and it hasn't happened for ages, his head will flop forward on me but it never seems to bother him and I googled it after the first time it happened and the general consensus was it's not a major problem. HTH
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
This has happened DD a few times recently too. i just put it down to her being too far up in the seat? She's not bothered by it, it looks so uncomfortable for her though.
KathrynW Posts: 87
I got a neck support cushion for my DD and it was lovely and snug around her neck and firm enough to keep her head supported in the car, I got it in Smyths
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Saw this on-line yesterday; ... nfo/K0471/
yada yada Posts: 1598
Do you use a car seat base or put the car in using the seat belts? I had to stop the car the other day as Jnr was asleep and had flopped forward. It turned out that I had put the car seat in at the wrong angle and should have had it tilted back a bit more (was not using a base). I got an awful fright though when I saw him slumped forward - his poor wee neck
LittleButtons Posts: 945
this happened to my lo the other day. it has never happened before, maybe she was too far in seat as others have said. if it keeps happening maybe put the head support back in. although if she was slumped forward i dont think head support will help.
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Thanks everyone for the advice. I have a base but I think it is very upright. I might try get a head support cushion and see if it helps. Although it probably is down to not being in correctly-she is too heavy to carry the seat anymore so I am putting her into it in the car and it is a bit oif a struggle to get her sitting in it!! Will be more careful from now on!! :wv