Diamond seems loose

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d\'wifey Posts: 166
hi all..just wondering if anybody else has had this problem and what you tink i should do about it. Lately the main diamond in my engagement ring seems a bit loose..like it seems to slightly move im worried i could lose it altogether!Is there something that the jewellers could do about this? Any advice is very welcome. thanks
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
I had a ring that did that as well. I brought it to the jewellers to get it fixed, it was ring an aunt gave me so it was very special to me. They said that all stones are meant to move, otherwise they'll shatter if you bang it by mistake. The stone I had on the ring was held in by four claws, they said that was secure enough. I'd go to a reputable jewellers and just get it check out for peace of mind. :wv
d\'wifey Posts: 166
thanks noodlehead..it is held in by 4 claws aswell but im terrified that id lose the main diamond in the ring! I think your rite i'll bring it into jewellers just for peace of mind..but you have made me less worried thanks :thnk
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
You're welcome, happy to help m'dear :wv
Cowpat Posts: 264
How old is your ring? I have a solitare and noticed mine getting very loose after less than a month. I brought it back to the jewller who repaired it and reassured me that if the diamon fell out and got lost it would be at his expense to replace it since it's under a two year guarantee. He made sure it was very secure and that I was 100% happy with it before I left. I've never heard of anyone being told that the diamond should be able to move in their settings before, I would be surprised if that really was the case. I posted a thread on the "Bling" section on here about my ring if you want to read more about it there.
Lizy09 Posts: 482
I was told to take my ring in every 6 months to get it checked for free - sort of a compliementary service
d\'wifey Posts: 166
My ring'll be 3 years old this winter..i never noticed before if it was loose but im paranoid now about losing it.. I mite ring the jewellers where we got it and see what they said! because we got engaged on a wknd away its on d other side of the country! But id def like to have my mind put to rest on it..thanks girls!
frillynickers Posts: 1765
is your rring a 3 stone ring? Mine is and the main stone in mine has gotten loose in the past, best to drop it in and get the claws tightend! Happens to most rings anyway
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
If you bring it to the jewellers they will tighten it for you in 5 minutes. I got my ring in Antwerp and about a month later I noticed that the stone was moving ever so slightly. Obviously I couldn’t go back to Antwerp to get it fixed and actually had a bit of bother finding a jewellers in Dublin to fix it if it wasn’t "their own" (IYKWIM) Anyway- brought it to ESL in powerscourt and they fixed it and cleaned while I waited. They didn’t even charge. I was initially worried as I thought that they hadn't set it correctly in Antwerp but the guy in the shop told me that all diamonds (especially if set in platinum as it’s a soft metal) will move with time. He assured me that the setting was perfect though which put my mind at ease. He said that people should get their rings checked very 6-12 months as its natural for the stone to move over time.
MrsEL10 Posts: 910
Hi bridetobe did you get your ring fixed? My ring is a three stone ring, gold but set in platinum, and the middle stone seems to be moving a bit. and I only have the ring since July. I'll probably bring it back to jewellers..