did anyone get a BFN on day AF due then get a BFP?

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rosiemama Posts: 3363
my cycle is usually 28 days and today is CD29 so i'm expecting AF today but it hasn't arrived and i don't feel like it will. i wasn't temping or anything but based on previous cycles and EWCM i think i am about 11dpo. i had cramping about a week ago and have been feeling nauseous and lightheaded all week. did hpt this morning but got BFN, i tried both FR and CB digital. we were NTNP this month but only DTD once so i know it is very unlikely that i am pregnant, but deep down i feel like i am. but maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me! just wondered did anyone else get a BFN on the day AF was due but feel like this and go on to get BFP??
phananta Posts: 330
Yes, when I got pg with DS, I felt weird and pregnant, did a test on day AF was due because I was playing a match so thought I'd better find out rather than wait till a few days late. Got BFN, but AF still didn't come, and got BFP about 5 days later! I know you said you only DTD once this month, but that's all it takes! Best of luck :babydust:
theoracle Posts: 7664
It happened to me rosie on dd3! I knew I was pregnant but kept getting BFNs, but I kept testing as I knew for sure and it took a good week I think before I got the BFP. On the first scan I had they moved my dates out by 2 weeks which would explain probably why the BFP was late (though this was at odds with conception date, but I guess mother nature has her own timetable).
brightling Posts: 1496
Yep, I did with my ds. We had been trying for a couple of months so I was a bit test-happy at the time and testing from about 5 days before af was due. Was very regular 28 day cycle, af was due on the sat, tested neg on the sat and sun. Got a bfp on the Monday morning. Best of luck.
MonkeySocks Posts: 1185
Did with me too on both my pg's! I just felt like I was on both of them and BFN on day AF due, and got BFP two days later. I also had a very regular cycle of 29 days for both. :babydust: for you and good luck!!!
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
i waited 4 weeks on my bfp! =)
anika Posts: 2194
Light headedness is a good sign, i had it too. Anyway, as long as AF hasn't shown her face you are still in the game. When we were trying to conceive i tested 3 days before AF was due (just wasn't patient enough :-8 ) and got BFN. Waited 3 days and was sure AF would arrive, nothing. So i tested again that day, still BFN. Was getting confused at this stage, as AF was always spot on and usually arrived in the early morning hours. I gave it a break the day after and tested again 2 days after AF was due, still BFN. Talking about head wrecking days. Waited another day with testing and on the day AF was 4 days late i finally got my BFP. So don't give up hope yet. At the time i was letting off steam here on wol too, cause my head was messed up and i heard from a few other wollies that they experienced similar.
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
I got my BFP on CD 47 and my last 3 cycles before that were 30 days :o)ll :o)ll
rosiemama Posts: 3363
god girls some of you had a long time to wait! i would have went insane.. well the witch arrived today so i'm not pg and i think it has made me realise that i'm not ready to be just yet either so going to wait until after Christmas now.