did dad go too?

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woonoo Posts: 78
Just wondering... Have first scan on Thur and obviously DH is coming along for a look but do the dads go to the consultant's apts? I don't suppose they do, or do they?
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
as far as i know most of them do, its depends on wether you want them coming with you or not, h2b was going to come
Ivory Bride Posts: 111
Im going for my first scan on Wednesday Ill be just 12 weeks and the doc's secretary told me to bring him along as they will be doing a scan....
LJMom Posts: 1100
My hubbie came to all my scans but not the appointments :D
Sart Posts: 441
DH is going to the first 'booking-in' visit cos we get shown around the birthing suite and then he'll go to the scans but no to the others. he's already bored of me talking about bodily functions!!!
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
My DH comes to all apts with me, cept the GP.
Hepburn Posts: 4081
My husband came to nearly all the appointments with me. When they were very near to each other towards the end he trailed off, as he knew he would be looking for time off work very soon.... I wouldn't have minded going by myslef. Always someone to chat to.