DIY Invites - Any ideas?

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WeddingDreams Posts: 61
Looking for websites or shops that supply card and paper to make my own invites. Any ideas or links guys?
Bm10 Posts: 296
Hi wedding dream. are excellent as is Daintree in Camden Street in Dublin. I don't know where you are in the country but if you're in the west of Ireland Siopa Bui in Spiddal are great , they'll even show you how to make them . The crafters basket in cliffony in Sligo are really good too. Good luck Kx
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
diywedding is good for ideas. however i sourced all my materials various shops on ebay - much cheaper. let me know if you want names of these
WeddingDreams Posts: 61
Thanks BM10. Am in Dublin but will take a look at that site. Sugarandspice would love the ebay names to take a look thanks a mill.
finnug Posts: 211
I got a lot of stuff on
Ready Steady Go Posts: 10
Sounds mad but got my invites when on holidays in America in walmart- a supermarket chain. 100 invites for the equivalent of 25 euro!! If you go to the walmart website , they have gorgeous print it yourself wedding invitations sets for very cheap, and they ship to Ireland. :thnk Dont know if thats any use to you.
WeddingDreams Posts: 61
That's great. Will check out those 2 sites. have family in America so could get it shipped to them either. Thanks.
Creative Invites Posts: 305
Have a browse on our DIY section, [url:1k8tt6fe][/url:1k8tt6fe] for quality materials for making your own invitations. We have [b:1k8tt6fe]pocketfolds[/b:1k8tt6fe], [b:1k8tt6fe]foil embossed blank cards[/b:1k8tt6fe], [b:1k8tt6fe]A4 card [/b:1k8tt6fe](with or without a crease down the centre!), [b:1k8tt6fe]envelopes[/b:1k8tt6fe] and loads of [b:1k8tt6fe]embellishments[/b:1k8tt6fe]. We email [b:1k8tt6fe]Word doc. templates [/b:1k8tt6fe]and help you out in any way we can. We are offering [b:1k8tt6fe]FREE DELIVERY [/b:1k8tt6fe]within Ireland at the moment in exchange for feedback on our Facebook page ([url:1k8tt6fe][/url:1k8tt6fe]) so just become a fan, post in the discussion page and we'll email you the free delivery coupon code! Some of our products... [img:1k8tt6fe][/img:1k8tt6fe] €1.10 [img:1k8tt6fe][/img:1k8tt6fe] €0.80 [img:1k8tt6fe][/img:1k8tt6fe] €0.90
baby_on_board Posts: 192
Hi, You could also try they have a very good range of stuff.. :wv :wv
ludicrous Posts: 529
[quote="finnug":21ph7det]I got a lot of stuff on [/quote:21ph7det] +1, i found them really reasonable and their stuff us very good quality.