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Sweet8 Posts: 1285
[quote="mysteriousmise":253vb4g7]I kinda know what you mean, MrsTed, and I'm inclined to agree, but I don't consider it "karma" or some cosmic force or something - just more, well, human nature. Nice, caring people tend to attract friends and loyalty. I don't believe that being nice stops bad things happening to you, but as a consequence of your niceness, when bad things *do* happen, others may be there for you/things might be a bit easier, because of your niceness.[/quote:253vb4g7] +1 with this. Hats off to Mrs Ted! I like using the word karma though. :-8
Elle Driver Posts: 508
No, I don't believe in it although I use the term sometimes. I would like to think sometimes that horrible people will get their comeuppance and life will bite them in the butt. In the past year though I've seen people going through horrible things that they did nothing to deserve, so that threw any belief in karma I had out the window.
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
I would love to believe in karma, but I just can't manage it anymore. Too many horrible people get away scot free with being liars and manipulators and have nice things happen to them while lovely people who try hard get walked on and tossed aside. Still wouldn't make me behave any other way but what I believe to be honest and honourable, purely because I don't think that other people getting away with it is a reason for me to behave the same and I couldn't live with myself if I went around treating people like muck. Perhaps there is some way of it all balancing out after we die or perhaps not, as long as I'm comfortable in my skin there's nothing I can do about whether they are happy behaving that way. It's hardest when something is affecting you directly, but otherwise it's best not to dwell too hard on it unless there is something you can actively do to change the situation.
rubymoon Posts: 756
I don't know. I used to believe in it 100% but my parents have had more grief and heartache than most I know and they are the nicest people you could meet and have many friends. So I can't really see why they've been put through so much and did not do anything to deserve it. Coupled with my brother who was a good person with so much talent but did not hurt anyone and did not deserve the ending he got so young so I think maybe this karma thing could be a load of rubbish
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
I really hate that phrase 'Everything thing happens for a reason' -it's such a load of rubbish. Try telling that to homeless people or people in war-torn countries or someone whose child is dying. I think it's comforting to believe in Karma, but in reality I probably don't believe it. But I do think that people who behave badly, won't get away with it forever. So people who are cruel and selfish etc - it will catch up with them eventually. Not because of karma, but because they won't continually get away with their actions. Living honestly and treating others well and making the best decisions you can - does not guarantee happiness, but it stacks the odds more in your favour. But things like fatal illnesses etc are nothing to do with living well, or karma or anything else - they are just part of life's cruel lottery.