does rotunda tell you the sex

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geminigirl Posts: 137
hey girls have my big scan on monday, ill be 21 1/2 weeks and really wanna find out what im having. im going to rotunda and read on a post here recently that rotunda dont like to tell you the sex because they were sued few years ago for getting it wrong?? has anyone had scan with rotunda and found out the sex?
mommy bear Posts: 289
Hi geminigirl, I had my scan a few months ago and they offered to tell me the sex, I didn't find out but it was offered to me, so unless they've changed the policy very recently I think you'll be able to find out, provided baby is cooperating! Good luck with the scan x
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
They told us :o)ll :o)ll
babybaby2011 Posts: 124
Told us too no probs!! It's not 100 percent accurate and they'll probably give you a percentage of how sure they are. Good luck with it! We were so excited to find out and it's great knowing :)
geminigirl Posts: 137
thanks for replies girls. dying to find out now :o)ll