does this sound pricey???

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bx Posts: 288
hi girls just wondered if ye could tell me if the following prices sound ok or abit dear house fee, food & wine -€12,250 band -€2,600 photographer -€2,000 bringing total to -€16,850 god looking at it now it does seem pretty dear, or is that kind of the norm???? bx
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv I can't really help you that much as our hotel, is roughly coming in around 12-13K, we are not having a band, so i have no idea how much they cost, and are photographer is exactly the same price as yours 2k.. But they are usually the dearest in wedding, as you can save loads on other things, like your dress, & bm's by buying online etc
Greece Posts: 1800
Sounds like the norm to me....mine is actually more expensive. Photograher is €2200, meal will be about €12,000 - just for meal, thats before arriveal reception, drinks reception, afters or anything like that. Band is €1600 but Dj on top of that is €500. So you are about average to be honest Id say! Edited to correct amounts
bx Posts: 288
oh good, i will have to show this post to h2b later as he thinks the prices are way too high ( he wouldn't have a clue though!!) that makes me feel alot better! and your right they are kinda the most expensive bits really! ta very much xx
gasbride Posts: 941
may2008 Posts: 455
our photographer is 3200 but our band is a bit cheaper - 1200 plus 250 for dj afterwards
bx Posts: 288
we are having 100 people! does it still seem ok price or abit dear??
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
sounds like the adverage to me
pooielouie Posts: 188
hi bx i think its a bit dear, sorry to ur fiancee you can delete if you want wont mind, i think it depends if your on a budget or not . my hotels is 11,000 for 150 peop my band and D.J = 1,600.00 photographer = 1,200.00 there all really good saw and check out there work before hand just shop around O-O
happy08mrs Posts: 624
bx for 100 people i too think it is a bit dear we are having 250 people and the hotel is 8500 and that is with lamb or salmon band is 1500 and that includes the disco - they played at a family wedding recently and were excellent we brought in our own wine from france and even with the corkage of hotel that came in at 910 getting a family member who is excellent at photography to do photos dvd person was 1000 maybe your hotel is so expensive because you are having very extravagant food - if you are not i would say shop around