does wedding ring have to be same size as engagement ring?

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MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
my engagement ring is 2mm in width, but i wanted to get an engraved wedding band with the lovers knot on it, the company i am in touch with are saying that i will prob have to go for a thicker band for this design so would it look silly having a thicker wedding band?
happy08mrs Posts: 624
hi there my wedding band has to be slightly thicker than my e band in order to hold the diamonds in it - i think in certain cases this can be the norm however it should not be hugely thicker that it ruins the look of the rings together so check that out - hope it works out
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
thanks have asked them to tell me how thick i would need to go.. and i think i will go into a shop and try on wedding bands that size and see how it looks..
milis Posts: 7998
My wedding band will be quite a bit thicker than the e ring. I would have thought from looking at other people most of them are!
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
hey have been thinking that too.. only started organizing the rings a few days ago and my initial reaction was that it'd be the same size but then they'd look tiny together.. was thinking i could easily go to 4mm and it'd look grand..
milis Posts: 7998
I'm sure you're already doing this (cos I've been obsessed for the past year) but look at friends/colleagues/ people walking down the street :o0 Try on your friends rings, see what they look like on you without pressure from a jeweller!! My e ring is prob about 1.5m and w band is 3.5. My mother's w band is 6mm -it's mad how fashions change :o0
sillysocks Posts: 1390
My engagement ring tapers to the stone (solitaire) and its just under 1mm for most of what you can see! So will definitely be getting a thicker wedding ring.
BarbadosBride Posts: 448
My wedding band is a good bit wider than my engagement ring, its completely different from what I was going to go for, but it really complements. I have a princess cut solitaire and the wedding band has 1carat of emerald and princess cut diamonds. Both rings really work together.