DR Browne Bottles & Steriliser

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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Im hoping to breast feed but i want to have a steriliser and bottles got in case it doesnt work out. I mean i will need them down the line anyway. Both of my SIL have used Dr Browne bottles and recommend them to me as they are supposed to be very good for wind/Colic. Just wondering does anyone know where i can get them? I know Sam McCawley chemists do them but im based in Galway and there is no Sam McCawley anywhere near us. I want to try and get organised and get some bits and pieces off my list. Am 24 weeks gone since yesterday.
Marpat Posts: 1784
I used them on DS1 and will be just getting new teats for them this time around. I know boots and mothercare do them. having said that every chemist where I live seems to stock them. They and Avent bottles are very popular and most pharmacies seem to stock them. good luck
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Hi Marpat Thanks for the tip went into boots at lunchtime and they had a 2 pack of Dr Brown bottles for €16.99. I didnt see any Dr Browne steriliser though saw Avent but no Dr Browns??? Also how many bottles do we need?? Obviously my first baby due here and im clueless really. Also got 2 packs of Pampers newborn size 1 nappys for €8 27 nappys in each pack. Also spotted the Medula swing Breast Pump for €135 i was shocked i didnt think it would be this expensive.
Marpat Posts: 1784
Sorry - I have the avent steriliser. Don't think Dr. Brown's do them. The bottles are grand and fit in no problem. i got 6 bottles as 6 bottles will probably do you fine at the beginning as it would be kind of a day's worth of bottles but then when they get a bit bigger, you might only be making up 4 or 5 for 24 hours. I think they recommend you only keep the milk for 24 hours after making it up and keeping it in the fridge. can't help on the breast pump as I was straight to the bottles!! My sister rented her's though so it might be worth investigating how much they cost to rent.
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Thanks a million for your help Marpat.
mtv Posts: 935
hi sammacauley are online www.buy4now.ie you may be able to buy what you want without having to leave your house!