Dress Dilemma

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MrsFitz Posts: 162
I thought i had found "the dress" a few weeks ago, it was a benjamin roberts 'destinations' one as we are getting married in cyprus. Anyway wanted to have a look around before making my final choice, thinking i wouldn't find anything nicer. I made appointments for Scarlett Brides - Ennis, Aibheil - Adare and Patricias Bridal - Newcastlewest 2 weeks ago. So off we went, Scarlett Brides being our first stop and having tried on loads of dresses that were all lovely, the last dress i tried on was the most gorgeous Steward Parvin dress called 'silver screen' - it was pure red carpet straight, sleeky and backless. We had found another contender!! We then went on to Aibheil and as we walked in the door i noticed this beautiful dress hanging up near the back of the shop. It was so different from anything else i had seen anywhere and said i have to try that one on anyway. So i did and my mother was crying . Both my mom and sister loved it - it was a David Fielden dress called "Grace Kelly" The predicament i am now in is that all 3 dresses were beautiful, so different from each other and so different from anything that is in most shops (typical dress being boob tube and full skirt) Also the prices are €1250, €2400 and €2500 Now i didn't set myself a budget, i just felt that if i found 'the dress' i would get it. (now i wouldn't spend 10k on a dress either...) How do i choose ..... there are no pictures of the steward parvin or david fielden dresses on the internet. The benjamin roberts dress is here http://www.benjaminroberts.co.uk/destination_gowns.htm Its dress 812 Im still thinking of going to DeStafford bridal to have a look ..... probably to confuse myself more In an ideal world i would love to have all 3 dresses under one roof and try them all on .... what to do, what to do
Barbalou Posts: 1617
Found myself with the same dilema a couple of weeks ago 3 dresses loved them all and couldn't decide I loved them all and wanted them all so I brought a pal with me who has a good eye and knows my style, she can also be fairly critical. In the end I got a completely different dress just by chance. It worked out 1k less than the other 3 and it is definitely my dress. You need to consider a number of things especailly how will the dress travel, how are you treated as a customer and the cost. I have to say I love the BR dress, and if that's what you fell in love with I'd go with that.
pricilla Posts: 1564
It's a tough one alright. When you picture yourself getting married, then picture all 3 dresses in that situation and pick the one that makes you smile and get really excited. I thought the Stewart Parvin dresses are all absolutely stunning, I found this one, not sure if its yours but I'll post it anyway. [img:1lls1las]http://www.helenrodrigues.com.au/sp/sp2.jpg[/img:1lls1las]