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Herewegoagain2013 Posts: 18
anyone seen any nice ones, i have two weddings, one in jan i will be about 26 weeks and another when i will be 36 weeks! dont want to spend a whole lot as this is my last preg more than likely.
rhonda Posts: 35
Elora Maternity have some lovely dresses (quiet reasonable too) [url:1re8b7bf]http://www.eloramaternity.com/Products/Maternity_Dresses_-_Formal,_Semi-Formal_and_Day/Maternity_Dresses_-_Formal,_Semi-Formal_and_Day.html[/url:1re8b7bf] Nelo Maternity have the lovely Tiffany Rose dresses ( they cost a fortune but are lovely) [url:1re8b7bf]http://www.nelomaternity.com/maternity-dresses/maternity-occasion-party-dresses.html[/url:1re8b7bf]
zoey Posts: 1574
I would definitely recommend Elora maternity wear. I got a really nice dress for my sisters wedding last year when I was about 7 months pregnant. The dresses are great value and delivery is really quick. Good luck with your search!
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
I borrowed a lovely jersey dress from ASOS Maternity and got lots of compliments on it (and it was SO comfortable). Check them out. I would buy one (if and when I am lucky enough to be pregnant again & had a wedding).
Princess Kate Posts: 734
Seraphine has lovely stuff. If it is good enough for the real Princess Kate...!!
Doozer28 Posts: 881
Haven't needed to look this time but I know I got a lovely one on ASOS last time & I used it for a few weddings.
maemay Posts: 45
Hi, had to share as I just ordered a maternity dress this morning :compress. We have a wedding coming up and I will be 32 weeks along. It's not a family wedding, so wanted something understated but pretty, and to feel good, and dare I say to maybe feel a bit sexy in too :eek . New Look is the place, cheap and cheerful & it's lovely. Here's the link to the exact dress I ordered can't go wrong for €30!!!! There are loads to choose from check it out! I've lived my whole pregnancy from tops to jeans to sweaters from New Look, I find it great! http://www.newlook.com/eu/shop/maternit ... 0r7bDmv.03 Good luck :wv