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helpme_08 Posts: 11
can someone offer me advise please.ive had BED for the last 6 years. i only have seen it as a problem the last year..its a constant and vicious cirlce of binging -starving myself-binging etc my doctor made an apt for me to see someone about a year ago but i never went ... also ive noticed that years of bad eatig habits is starting to affect me now (even physically) what are my options? or does anyone else suffer from this Thanks
she Posts: 3298
dont really know much about this subject but your doing more than most, your looking for help and are also seeing the bad effects that you are doing to yourself, please go to the doctor, im sure he'l be understanding and make an appointment for you with people that can help....good luck :wv
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
You MUST seek help now...and help is never as far away as you think. Please go back to your Dr. You don't have to live like this, and you can recover. How about contacting Bodywhys? I don't have their no. but google them. It's not just about you and your body, it's also about those who love you too. Please seek help now.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi, I am sorry to hear your story. But I think the main thing is you are now seeking the help you need which is great and definintely the first step. My friend has had something similar to this and though not fully recovered is well on the way. From my experience with her I can safely say that speaking with someone will definitely help. Perhaps a psychotherapist. I know they are particularly trained in retraining the mind and can be very beneficial in this area. I know that there is a website called which might also help it is full of relevant info and contacts. Hope that helps :wv
helpme_08 Posts: 11
thanks for the comments - i know binge eating is becoming more widespread these days with girls especially - i think a few people might suspect i have it but they dont how sever or how long its being going on.hopefully now it will be a turning point for me..thanks again girls
Cheeky Monkey Posts: 52
It's not an easy thing to face up to so well done for that much in itself. There is a specialised section in St. Pat's hospital in Dublin which specialises in this type of thing. I have a friend who went through annorexia and bullimia which sounds like what you're describing. Apparently its the most common type of eating disorder and you're not alone. She went to Pats and it really helped her to face up to the problems associated with the eating disorders and to realise that she wasn't alone and there is help out there. Its not an easy thing to do and you will need support to help you through it, but it can be done and you can come out the other side in time. She also attended a pyscoanalyst and to be honest has come on leaps and bounds since then. She's back to the old her and has learnt to deal with it. To me St. Pat's helped her face up to it and sort out her head, but the real progress was with the psycoanalyst. Different things work for different people, but please please talk to someone and tell them how you're feeling. There is help out there and there is a lot of support available so please use it. If you'd like any more info please feel free to pm me - good luck!
Huggles Posts: 1108 ... ramme.aspx There's a specialised Eating Disorders Clinic in the hospital. Best of luck :wv
solittletime Posts: 69
You have made a very significant first step, so well done you. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is very good, if you can get access to it. You might also find this site useful, this is an eating disorders network and you will be able to get support and advice from others and counsellors, telephone help and online support. Good luck
helpme_08 Posts: 11
thanks for the comments again. looked up st pats.they based in dublin and they do a course which runs 4-6 wks.i dont live in dublin and dont think id get time off work. However i have contacted bodywhys and they do self help groups in my town every 2nd week so im hoping to go to that(hopefully wont bump into anyone i know!!) :wv
she Posts: 3298
dont be worrying about any one else they'l be in the same boat as you......or else try go to the next town,,,,,good luck with it all