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anonwithissues Posts: 254
AliceB Posts: 495
My h2b is also an accountant and remarked a week or two ago that Kerry Group were looking for an internal auditor. Might be worth calling them. We are Dublin based but he likes idea of moving to Kerry so is always on the look out. This job could be gone by now but no harm contacting them as they would be one of biggest emplyers in the area that would have a big finance dept. Other than that, there are lots of hotels and they will always need people too and also the likes of Fexco in Killorglin so might be worth getting the phone book out and sending out the CVs...
anonwithissues Posts: 254
Thanks AliceB! You're very helpful. Ideally I'd like him to stay in the Mid West but I'll tell him to give them a shout! O-O
lovelywine Posts: 404
I've been looking for an accountancy job since Jan and so far there's been nothing. In all the agnecies I'm with - they've come up with nothing. i'm on contract at the moment in my current job but have managed to get myself a permanent job in Dublin thank goodness. Its's not an accountants position but beggars can't be choosers....it'll keep me going for a while until the market improves and something better comes along...... I wish your H2B well with his search.....its scarily quiet out there at the moment.....
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
agree with jimmychoos on the quiet accountancy scene... as one myself, I had been toying with the idea of moving from current position, but then there were all the announcements from the Big 4 on job losses which means there is a glut of newly qualifieds and managers coming out looking for jobs. so hanging in by skin of my teeth for the moment good luck with the search though!
anonwithissues Posts: 254
Thanks girls for your replies. Husband has applied for a couple of jobs but I get worried when I read on WOL that someone has applied for over 70 jobs and not been given an interview! He has a job but it's minimum wage and through a family member so only a stop gap hopefully. I know how lucky he is to have it though as it gets him out of the house and keeps his spirits up plus pays some bills.
NY07 Posts: 90
saw management Account role in the Limerick Post last night! Hoep that helps?!
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
hi anonwitissues, that was me withthe 70 jobs and guess what, i'm an accountant O:| O:| best of luck to your hubbie with his search :wv
anonwithissues Posts: 254
excited do u mind me asking where abouts you've applied or are you from? PM me if you want! I got the Limerick Post yesterday but didn't see that job. I must have a closer look. Do you know who was advertising it?