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Zara07 Posts: 119
What time are you putting on your evening invites? Is this something for the hotel to decide?
rey Posts: 496
I'm putting 9 on them. Speechecs should be well finished by then and hte Band should be just ready to start....If we are runnign lsightly late sure popel can have a drink in the bar. I wouldn't stress to much about it... If the hotel hasn't mentioned a time I'd say its pretty much up to you to decide...I'd go with whatever time you expect the band to start at.
Capetown Posts: 976
We are going with 9 also. Band is to start at 9 so that's what we are going with
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
think we're going to go with about 9pm too.
MrsIbizaGirl Posts: 979
I think people ususally put 8.30 - 9.00pm down on the evening invites.
Shell L Posts: 435
Meal being served at 6sharp. Speeches will be over then. We have to be out of the room at 8 to let the band set up for a 9pm start so I put 9pm on the evening invites.
Walking Bump Posts: 2095
we're gonna go with 9 too. Think that's pretty standard.
redb Posts: 347
7.30 to 8 for us. But we're having a small reception and a big evening party in a separate room for 150 more guests than are coming to the meal.
hope to be Posts: 865
I put 8pm, thought it better than 9pm as no one ever arrives on the dot
delila Posts: 74
Will be putting 9pm as hope band willbe ready to go then