Face Creams/toners during pregnancy

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SparkleX Posts: 1057
Okay so I have read that salicylic acid should be avoided in pregnancy. This ingredient is commonly found in acne treatments/facial scrubs and so I have avoided them. I am using Garnier Fresh Essentials toner and noticed that there is "Benzyl Salicylate" listed on the ingredients. So I just checked the ingredients in my moisturiser (Oil of Olay) and again this Benzyl Salicylate is contained. Has anyone any advice in relation to this? Should it be avoided altogether? And if so can you recommend alternative creams? Maybe I'm over-reacting but it's so hard to know if you're keeping babs safe!
Mrsdm Posts: 1136
Blondie I dont have any answers for you but would be really interested in hearing from anyone that knows something about this. I knew creams with vit A were to be avoided but didnt know about this.