Fake tan on face??

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a married ms Posts: 45
Question for the fake tan experts please! Getting fake tan done for my wedding and will have a couple of trials shortly...should I get it on my face as well or just the body?? And should I go for the top-up or would I look like I had been tangoed?!! Last question please, wedding on a Friday, when should I get tan applied, was thinking the Wednesday night? Any advice greatly appreciated!
Bitsy Posts: 111
I think you should get it on your face too. I got my done before going for makeup trial cause you will have to use darker foundation than normal. If you are going for spray tan then I would recommend going for top up. I am getting married on a friday too and am getting my tan done on the Wednesday evening. I am going for St. Tropez lotion as I don't like to way the spray tan wears off but its totally up to you which tan you go for. Elaine
DEC05BRIDE Posts: 10
Hiya Definitely get the face done too. Otherwise it'll look really odd. I got the spray tan done last week. I only got one teatment i didnt bother with a top-up. It's dark enough without the top up and i was pretty pale! :roll:
AGuest Posts: 1262
yup - get your face done! I'm getting married on a friday and I'm getting my tan done on a Wednesday.
a married ms Posts: 45
Thanks girls! Fingers crossed for the trial now...
MrsSan Posts: 475
Yeah get your face done. I'm going for St. Tropez also, I'm getting married on a Saturday so going to have the tan applied on Thursday evening. Good luck with the trial!