Favours or no favours that is the question?

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Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
Hi girls, just wondering who's having favours and who isn't! I've decided against.
papillon Posts: 1305
not for me. don't really see the point of them
skittles Posts: 1312
not for me either.waste of money imo.
overthemoon! Posts: 1479
We are not having any favours either i think they are a waste of money. i would prefer to buy a round of drinks from the bar for all our guests instead.
hot lips Posts: 453
I think certain favours go down very well. We are having 2 chocs and have to say any wedding I was at guests were delighted with them :o0
August08bride Posts: 139
I agree, many are just left behind and forgotton about. We did get favours though, but it was a donation to savethechildren.org so at least the money wasnt wasted on rubbish and went towards something worthwhile, but still gave favours ifyswim
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
total waste of money i think too, but i got 100 little boxes for $30 and i'm putting little sweets in them. I wont have one for everyone, just gonna put a few round the tables. They cost very little, put i love putting them together.
Roz Posts: 588
No, we are not having any. We have decided to donate money to charity instead.
lryan01 Posts: 11
We are having favours, little box of chocs. They were very little money wise and although I can understand why people see it as a waste of money, I think it's a very nice touch.
bubblyblonde Posts: 1353
We have decided against them (but that could change again)