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koala Posts: 202
My H2B's family are going on a weeks holiday and everyone is invited. I can't take the week off ,so I was going to go for a long weekend. They could have picked anywhere in the world ( well that Ryanair fly to :o0 ) but FSIL decided on a really hard to get to area. Instead of flying Friday, as was the plan, the flight is Sat evening. I'd have to leave Monday lunchtime and would spend a forture on flights through the tour operator. So I said I wouldn't be able to go, gave the reasons above, thinking FSIL would consider a desitation a bit more accessible. But they booked it. :o( Now I have to spend a week on my own when H2B goes and listen to them saying how terrible it is I can't go. Feeling very sorry for myself :o(
Fluffer Posts: 2672
That's shit! But maybe they just had their hearts set on that particular place. Would be pissed off with h2b though for leaving me behind but i suppose it's not his fault that you can't get the time off work. Just think of the money you'll save coming up to the big day. Just busy yourself with lots to do and th week will fly in.
Topgear Posts: 1559
ah sorry to hear that pet, maybe the two of yous should head away ur selfs when he gets back..
ginger nut Posts: 5989
that's a bit crap alright....make sure you make lots of nice plans for yourself - pampering night, lots of good DVDs, stock up on goodies in the fridge, arrange to meet friends. That way while you miss your h2b you won't be sitting in feeling sorry for yourself. And try to set some time for you and your h2b to spend a bit of quality time together when he gets home.
JoGo Posts: 277
What's the occasion? How come they are all going away?
mad woman Posts: 22106
Cant you go out "sick" for the week?
koala Posts: 202
It's FFIL's big birthday, so they are having a week's holidays to celebrate. I'd have to give a cert to work, so I can't do a week "sick". I'm mostly pived with FSIL. When the holidays were first being planned months ago, I said I'd come for the long weekend. I feel she totally didn't consider me and done what suited herself. >:o( Anyway, its done now. There'll be other weekends away and hopefully I'll be in my new house by then, so I can have friends around and I will be working O:|
Tigletts Posts: 2904
What does your H2B say about it all?
koala Posts: 202
He wishes it was easier to get to, so I could go. It tried bringing it up with his sister, but if he complains too much, the organising will be let to him and he doesn't want that. It just surprises me. If I was organising something for a group of people, I'd try to accomodate everyone. Still, I have a honeymoon to look forard to :o0
JoGo Posts: 277
Why don't yourself and H2B go a day earlier than the rest so you can get some time to yourselves and still have a long weekend?