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Trooper Posts: 2155
My mum will be making my BM dresses... I am thinking either bluey-green (aqua) or a light green. I was going to have my 3 flower girls in cream/ivory/white (depending on my dress) bought from next (or somewhere) but my sister suggested having them in colour too, and i'm liking the idea. The girls will be 3 (almost), 6 (almost) and 7. Because of this, my mum will have to make their dresses too (to make sure they all match up exactly with the BM dresses). We've found 2 styles we like (both shown in the green). Which do you prefer? Obviously the one will the fuller skirt will be harder for my mum to make. [img:y9z2yvbt]http://www.jordanfashions.com/images/products/454_11020_large.jpg[/img:y9z2yvbt] [img:y9z2yvbt]http://www.jordanfashions.com/images/products/441_10547_large.jpg[/img:y9z2yvbt]
mad woman Posts: 22106
no 2, but tbh they are both lovely.
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
i prefer the second one but even the top of the second one with bottom of first.. the top of the first looks funny on her.. like it's a woman's top on a little gilr
Port Princess Posts: 1154
I prefer the second 1! But they're both lovely! Laura
msmcb1 Posts: 508
The 2nd one is beautiful!
hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
I prefer the second one as well - bit more princessy and girly - first one looks a bit more grown up - very cute though both of them :D great colour too - that's the colour my BMs are wearing!
Christmas B Posts: 6191
I think the second one is more child like!! It's fab!!
elmar06 Posts: 201
How about having both - the 3 year old in the 2nd one and the older girls in the 1st one. I think the 1st one is too old for a 3 year old. I love them both, the colours are fantastic but if you are only going for 1 style, the 2nd one is beautiful.
Mrs Snove Posts: 1611
Second one is beautiful
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Trooper, did you think about just getting cream/ivory dresses for the fg's and then getting your mum to make a sash/bow detail in the same material as your bridesmaids to match it in?? It would save your mum a lot of work!! Both dresses are georgeous tho!! I think I prefer the second.