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classygal Posts: 436
Hi, Really fancy learning to horse ride but aged 30 not sure if I'm too old! Also is it very expensive and how long would I be looking at to learn to ride? Have this image of being in a class with 4 year olds! Anyone learn later in life? How much would it be if I had my own horse? Sorry for all the questions, its something I've been thinking about for quite a while!
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
i used to ride a lot when i was younger(oi dirty mind!) and this is something i really wanted to look into also its usually about 20 euro a lesson and there are adult classes so no 4 year olds :o0 do mean is expensive to buy a horse ?i think it would be maybe better to learn to ride first before even thinking of buying a horse if u give ur local riding school a call they will give u all the info good luck with it!! :wv
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
€20 a lesson... I Wish!!! Where is that for???? Am in South Dublin & the 2 riding schools close to me charge between €32-37 for an adult group lesson. All riding schools these days have classes for Kids & Classes for adults so you don't need to worry about being put in a class with kids.. Re how long it takes to learn to ride.. it really depends on the individual.. Being proficient in walk , trot & canter can be easily achieved in a couple of mths, but then if you look at jumping, cross country etc it takes alot longer to be able to ride at a good standard. Don't even think about buying a horse until you are at least a year riding, Full Livery averages at €80-€120 pw. not taking into account fet & farrier fees.
Doll Face Posts: 3721
No your never to old i dont do it myself but my Sister is training to be an instructor and show jumps.... They cost around 30 euro per lession and theres adult only classes.I wouldent go buying a horse until youve had a few lessions and look into the cost of it because its so expensive to stable and feed a horse ... Try Thornton Park 8351164 or Ashtown stables 8383807
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
i cant believe they are that expensive girls!dd rides and its 20 euro and i even thought that was steep :-8
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
Yep it has got very very expensive!! .. if you block book lessons it can knock a couple of euros off it but it is an expensive hobby.. For anyone looking to get into horse riding would recommend that you take out personal cover as most riding schools get you to sign a non liability form so they don't accept responsiblity should an accident happen.. Well worth it as have had a good few nasty tumbles over the yrs :o0
Kermette Posts: 924
Yep agree that while it won't take very long to become a capable rider at walk trot and canter, jumping or dressage will take considerbly longer. You'd be looking at years to be a good show jumper or eventer. I guess it depends on what type of horse person you want to be. Do you just want to be a casual rider who goes for a trek or a hack whenever the notion takes you or do you want to compete? I show-jumped competitively for years when I was younger but if I was to go back now it would def be a season or two before I'd be getting a double clear round. Now I like to be a casual rider, I just head down the road for a trot when the notion takes me. That said it is a great past time. Horses are fab animals and have a good sense of humour to boot. Def try out the lessons first and see what you think. Expect a sore bum at first tho!!! I think you'd prob be looking at about €35 per lesson. You would also have to decide if you wanted to invest in your own helmet, boots, gloves, whip, jodphurs etc. It all adds up