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lux Posts: 6270
I watched this the other night and two of the brides were spending $75,000 on their weddings. :ooh Is it just me that wondered why brides with that much to spend are trying to win a free honeymoon? I'm sure they could have knocked $5,000 off the flower budget or something for a break somewhere!
Jawl Posts: 8881
I thought that as well, there's no shortage of money. I'm guessing it's just a showing off thing, look how flash we are. I don't doubt that the losers still manage to get to go on honeymoon. The UK one it's few and far between where you get somebody who has 10 grand or more to spend. So I feel they really can't afford the honeymoon and are in it to win it. Much as I love the US one, it's very showy!
randomusername Posts: 2134
Probably half of that goes on consultants, they have them for everything over there. I was watching some other wedding show the other day (almost 4 years married and still wedding obsessed :-8 ) and this one had a consultant come with her to pick her dress, a different one for hair and make up, a flower consultant who wasn't the designer or the florist just an ideas person and loads more too. It was ridiculous, all these extra people to pay when most of the time they just stood there doing nothing but nod as the bride made the decisions
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
The parents still pay for a lot of the weddings in the states, maybe Mammy and Daddy wouldn't spring for the honeymoon...
trance Posts: 3129
I honestly think they just want to get on TV, even the UK ones, whether they can afford the honeymoon or not, it's the culture of reality tv and everyone wanting their 15 mins of fame
gillette Posts: 1803
Money/motives aside, I do think the American girls make a much bigger effort to get on/be charitable/enter into the spirit of the weddings. Some of the British competitors seem like they set out to be nasty/hate everything/moan
lux Posts: 6270
[quote="trance":388lzdi9]I honestly think they just want to get on TV, even the UK ones, whether they can afford the honeymoon or not, it's the culture of reality tv and everyone wanting their 15 mins of fame[/quote:388lzdi9] That's what I said to OH. I mean, if you've the money to spend I don't care what you spend on the day but I'd prefer to have the prize go to someone on a lower budget who gave the others a run for their money. One bride had a $10,000 budget and her day looked like great craic but the other brides moaned about the food quality etc. Of course $75,000 worth of wedding can't compare to $10,000. I'd prefer similar weddings to compete, see what the best of $10,000, $20,000 can do and have them in the same price bracket. But the competitors are always very gracious and polite with their compliments!
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
Did you see the one that won it? Did she not do a cruise for her honeymoon and then won the fecking second one!
ros09 Posts: 1923
i've only watched bits of this last week i couldnt get over all the food they do for weddings !?!?!
lux Posts: 6270
The cocktail hour is bizarre, they have a full spread of a buffet and then a full sit down meal?!? Obesity here we come! :o0 And did anyone notice the first dance before the meal in a lot of them? I would find that odd although I always :lvs when the speeches are done before the meal. Me and OH (where he was best man) were at a wedding where they did them informally at the drinks reception and it worked great as everyone was relaxed and he didn't have to worry about it for the whole meal.