full bladder for scan??

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Nadie Posts: 1111
I think this full bladder thing is a myth - I had one on my first scan and the midwife was like "your bladder is full, you'll be uncomfortable, do you want to go to the loo first?". Empty bladder on second scan, seems to have no bearing on anything...
redfly Posts: 358
Hiya, On my first scan which was 5 weeks the sonographer told me to go to the loo and empty my bladder as she'd be using the internal scanner. I've another scan scheduled for next week and she said to drink lots before I come in and have a full bladder. So not sure if this is much help. My guess is they'll do the internal scan on you because you are so early and therefore you won't need a full bladder. Best of luck
shattered Posts: 322
I'm not a medical expert, but I used to work in the office in an ultrasound department. As I understood it, the internal scan doesn't need a full bladder. If you're having an external scan, at an early stage of the pregnancy, I think a full bladder helps visibility, but at later stages it won't matter as much. I once had to have an external scan when I wasn't pregnant, and I needed a full bladder for that. But I'm not a doctor or nurse, so I may be wrong.
wilmathebride Posts: 46
My full bladder was hiding my womb when I was scanned at 12 weeks, I was told to go to the loo. Was a bit of a shock when she started and nothing would show up and after a wee there was beanie, lying back. Best of luck with the scan.
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
typically you need a full bladder for the utrasound and an empty bladder for the internal. It's better to go full as it is easier to empty than fill up (over an hour sometimes) Every time I had a scan I needed a full bladder - it depends on each persons placement of their bits (not something you can control)