Getting baby to sleep?

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Mrs W Posts: 2923
DD is 4 months now and goes to sleep drinking a bottle or being walked around on a shoulder. When she was a newborn I thought I'd loads of time to get her falling asleep herself etc but here we are now and she won't. I'm reluctant to try any cry it out methods, does anyone have any suggestions, books etc I could do?
browz Posts: 256
Very difficult to break this habit without an element of crying id say. The first thing i would do is get rid of the shoulder sleeping, so maybe keep gving the bottle but do it in her room and then put her straight in the cot. Then at least she will get used to sleeping away from you. Then you could start reducing the amount you give her to get her to sleep, then maybe water, all the while doing a little wind down nap/bedtime routine and eventually try her without anything. This routine will take way longer than controlled crying but you have to do whats right for you and what you can cope with. I ve used controlled crying for my little one and it worked within 3-4 days, but there was alot of crying and you definately have to be mentally strong for it cos its hard.