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stick Posts: 1229
I read on here in a post a Wollie's h2b having a groomswoman. jsut wonder is there many people doing this? we are thinking about doing this h2b's best friend as best man and the 2 groomswomen-his sisters. i have my 2 sisters a bridesmaids and then thinking of getting my 'bother from another mother'(as i call him) to stand on my side. dunno how it would look my mam said its your day and you dont have to stick to traditions do what ye wants. opinions welcomed
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
Sounds lovely to me - definately go for it if it's what you want :wv
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
A cousin of hubbys is getting married next year & she is having her brother as her Man of Honour. Everyone has thought it was lovely idea
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
Go for it - I think it's a great idea. Then I again, I did have a BridesMan at my wedding.
stick Posts: 1229
Thanks for your replies it was H2B's idea took me a while to warm to the idea and now i really liek the idea of it. and H2B said last night ti might be odd.
Wagtail79 Posts: 193
H2B is planning on having his sister as a groomswoman. I think it's a lovely idea. He'll have a couple of male friends as groomsmen too, but his sis is a very organised type and he'll want her close-by to keep everything on track on the day! Only thing now is, do we get her a dress, will it be like another BM dress or different... Not sure yet.
stick Posts: 1229
we were talking about it last night. and was thinking about haven the bridemaids in one colur wit a sash ina different colour, the groomswoman would be in the sash colour wiht her sash been the bridesmaids coloour. ties them all in but seperates their duties
Wagtail79 Posts: 193
Clever idea b2b0411, might look at outfits with complementary colours then. It gives the feel of different sections of the bridal party but still ties it all together. Thanks!