Have you been told you have a small pelvis?

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Skippy Posts: 1834
Had my appointment with the obst this morning. I was sure he was going to tell me the baby had further engaged. Last week the midwives said baby was 1/5 engaged and since then I know it has moved down. Although the obst didn't say how many fifths engaged I was he did say that my pelvis was small. I am 37 weeks and 5 days. He doesn't feel the baby will be able to engage and that I will go over by maybe a week. My obst has very a very odd bedside manner and I did not feel comfortable asking him many questions. He has resigned anyway and will be leaving in 6 weeks so maybe he doesn't give a shite anymore becuase my appointment was quite rushed. So I have gone from being on a high yesterday, nesting like mad, to wondering if my in-laws can come down and stay for a few weeks while I recover from my C Section! He says he will let me go into labour naturally but if the babies head is still high at that point he wants me to have a C Section. Has anyone else been told their pevlis is small? I have size 5 feet, which can apparently be an indication of your pelvis size. Anyone still manage a vaginal birth with a small pelvis? I am so pissed off right now. But I did meet one of my midwives straight after and relayed what he had said. She was very positive and said not to worry, I actually got the impression that she was angry with the obst for telling me that in the first place. I suppose I should place my trust in her and not him. I've been googling small pelvis but don't like what I am reading so I want real stories from real people to help me along!!!! bah humbug...
[email protected] Posts: 492
He sounds like an ould eejit To equate your foot size with your pelvis size doesn't sound very scientific or evidence based! Its not the size of your pelvis thats important but the opening through which the baby will come. The only way they would assess your pelvis is by an x ray. Ignore him and trust that your body perfect and will birth your baby easily xxxx
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
agree with ceegee its your body and you know best, bad form on the doc he obviously cant wait for his retirement, i was told i was small down there also but i would prob have to have c -section for diff reasons, as my mam always says cross that bridge when you come to it
Skippy Posts: 1834
[quote:ycmo3xg7]Ignore him and trust that your body perfect and will birth your baby easily [/quote:ycmo3xg7] I was all about postive thinking and believing my pelvis was like a lotus flowet etc etc. But to be told it might be too small has really thrown me. I too thought you could not judge your pelvis without an xray, I thought also that feet size were stupid but some midwives do use this as a guage. I've also heard your pelvis opens more and your babies head moulds to fit. But this morning none of that seemed to matter to him. Why do people say one thing and other experts say another!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR O:| O:| I am gong to be doing loads of exercises in an effort to open my pelvis a bit more....but it's hard to ignore the obst when he is the one with the experience and education in this area. Feck it anyway. Thanks Ceeegeee for your positive comments. :wv
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Skippy, my sister was told this too by some people, both myself and her have size 3 feet (sometimes a size 2 i get them specially in Barretts). She said this to her consultant as she was worried and he said it was complete bull, told her not to worry, she would give birth fine - which she did. Squatting is supposed to help your pelvis open more.
Sassy Posts: 2269
I can't believe that doctor. I can understand how you feel, i am 5 1inc and have size 3 feet and was always told that by people so it has been on the back of my mind but my doctor said i will be able for a natural delivery no problems. Please don't let this doctor get you down. All you can do is wait and see.
Skippy Posts: 1834
The more I think about that appointment the more I realise he might be a bit doddery. I will make an appointment to see my Mwife early next week and ask them straight out what is the story with him! It's one thing to have people tell you that a small foot equals a small pelvis or guess by looking at you that you have a small pelvis, but when the Obst tells you it's hard to ignore (he never mentioned my feet anyway, that was just something I had heard before). But I am glad you all think it's a pile of horse shit! Anyway where is this supposed small pelvis when I try and fit into skinny jeans I ask ya?!!! Feck sake..... Thansk girls, I will be squatting like a mad thing for the next while.
Skippy Posts: 1834
Wow! 136 views and 4 replies! I am impressed at the amount of people who felt the need to read my post but obviously do not have anything to offer. You either have a small pelvis or you know someone who has, otherwise you are just sticky beaking. Why bother? If a post doesn't apply to me I don't bother to view it. But obviously I am in the minority on that one. It's upsetting to think that 130 people read about my prediciment but choose to ignore it. It's not helpful, just upsetting. So in future girls, if you have nothing to add to a post don't bother viewing it.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
hi skippy....i don't know much about small pelvises but your obstetrician sounds like he was a bit of a dick to be honest....will he be delivering your baby or can you ask to speak to one of the other doctors there? As for the thing about small feet/small pelvises - don't know much about that but i do know that my nana had tiny feet and delivered 3 normal sized babies with no intervention, and my mum has size 3 feet and delivered me and my brother (he was a hefty 8 1/2 lb baby when he was born in 1971) normally. Talk to the midwives or ask to speak to another doctor....no one, particularly a healthcare professional, should make you feel like that especially so close to delivery... Best of luck and let us know when little skippy arrives.
lal Posts: 403
Aw skippy, thats rotten to be told such a load of arse, so near the birth. Anything I have read suggests that your pelvis isnt a fixed structure (as you say youve been told) and that a small one doesnt equate with an inability to give birth/...........sure otherwise people wouldnt have evolved to have small pelvises. And as for the small feet story, My aunt has size three feet and has four huge strapping sons, all who came out the old fashioned way. THe most damaging part of hearing that sugar from your consultant is not the effect a small pelvis might have on your ability to birth naturally, its the psychological effect of hearing that bullsugar so if I were you, id try surround myself with positive stories. If you can get your hands on a few positive books do, in particular Marie Mongan's hypnobirthing book would make you really believe in yourself and InaMay Gaskins books are great too, a bit hippyish but they make the point that we are all designed to give birth, whether we are big small, fat, thin, whatever. On the day, that eejit will most likely be nowhere to be seen and itll be you running the show,with a little help from the midwife. Who are you going to trust, him with his six years in college or you with your millions of years of evolution making you the perfect birthing machine?????? Get back to feeling positive. You'll be great x lal