head cold and miserable!!

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lovedup1 Posts: 49
I'm just gone seven weeks and i've got the mother of all head colds. Was reaching for the usual meds and remembered the wee bean O:| . Any body know what i can take- medicinal or alternative. I'm dosing myself with oranges but a bit clueless after that. thanks in advance for your help
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi loved up, I had a bad cold over Christmas and the pharmacist gave DH normal basic Lemsip for me and that was about it! No Lemsip Max or Strepsils or anything with extra strength basically. Lemon and honey and hot water might help - I wasn't blown away by it! I love hot 7up when I'm ill, find it great whatever is in it. Plus the old remedies, chicken soup and sleep! Emme
lovedup1 Posts: 49
Thanks emme, staying in bed for the day with lots of hot drinks etc. will try the lemsip once it''s okay for the bean,
Emme Posts: 4735
The pharmacy should be able to advise anyway!
Mokey Posts: 576
Plain Paracetemol is fine to take in pregnancy as long as there are no other ingredients in it (read packet carefully to make sure there's no codine or ibuprofen or such in it). But just double check with the doc that it's okay in the first 12 weeks but there's no reason why it shouldn't be afaik. Hope you feel better soon! M x
theoracle Posts: 7664
I used to lather myself in Vicks vaporub, I read about it in the 'what to expect...' book, which also recommends steam inhalation, saline nose drops, salty water to gargle for sore throats, additional fluids esp. hot like soup and for sinusitis alternating hot and cold compresses. HTH.