Help... Bright red blood

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Plus1makes4 Posts: 721
Girls I went to the toilet about an hour ago and bright red blood came out, it wasn't just in the tissue but mixed in with the water and there was a tiny clot in the bowl! Just started crying. I don't know what to do, I'm scared. DH asked if I want to go to hospital now but I think I know what's happening and don't want it confirmed :( Please has anyone had this and it wasn't a mc?! I'm sick with worry, had slight bleeding with DS but this was a lot more and no clots. Just don't know what to do :(
mscarebear Posts: 317
Go and get it checked. At 7 weeks I had a big bleed bright red and passed 3 clots, was the same panicked and crying dh took me to doc sent me straight to epu, it had closed but gyne came down to examine and scan me in casualty, all was fine tg but very worrying. For your own sake best to get it checked, hope you and bean will be ok x
hopeful lady Posts: 280
Plus1 hopefully it's nothing too serious. when I bled last week it was bright red, a lot of tissue and good bit in toilet, not sure about clots cause I was in a panic. Turned out to be OK. Are you still bleeding? Will you go to the hospital?
Bfp4me2013 Posts: 760
No experience at all...but couldn't read and not reply. Hope you are ok. Would it be possible to call the hospital and see what they say? :action32
little miss may Posts: 392
Oh you poor thing! Couldn't read and not reply! Do u have any pain along with the bleeding? Perhaps a phone call to the hospital would be the best thing? I know how scared you must feel, I've been in this position, unfortunately mine ended in miscarriage but that's not to say this will be the case for you, I've heard of plenty of people having bleeding or spotting during pregnancy & it just seems to be one of those unexplained things. How far along are you?
biddy34 Posts: 202
Oh Plus1 , i hope everything is ok for you . Go and get yourself checked. My G.P told me to go straight to hospital if i had any bleeding . Will be thinking of you :action31 :action31
July14 Posts: 34
Plus1 I have everything crossed that it turns out to be a false alarm, hope you're ok :action31
nicmurphy Posts: 149
Hope everythin turns out to be ok plus 1 x x
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Lots of people bleed in pregnancy and are ok. Hope you are too.
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
Plus1 - unless you are having cramps and / or lower back ache along with the bleed, its probably ok (I had them with both my mcs) . Until you can get to the EPU, rest (take the day off work if you can) and lie down. Fingers crossed all will be ok for you. :action32