Help Depression/anxiety CORK: counsellor/CBT

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fuzzykiwi Posts: 9
Hi, i'm wondering if any fo the ladies in cork who have suffered from anxiety/depression who are out the other side could PM recommendations of counsellors in Cork . I am looking really for comeone who will help me with the here and now and how to manage things as oppsoe to go over the past again and again! I have been to 2 people already with no joy as they focused on the past, my upbringing which alot of my issues have stemed from. I have heard good things about CBT and I have googled it for the Cork area, I know of a man in Cobh, have any of you been to him? i'm not sure how i feel about going to a man. I have had another recommedation of Olive keating in douglas...she has a 2 week waiting list which seems to be a good thing! Again PM me any feed back would be greatly appreciated. At my wits end with myself.And don't have the mney to be going down the wrong route again.
Babybump2013 Posts: 271
Hi pm sent.