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Jelly Posts: 174
2 days to go and still no present for my mother, she has enough of the usual stuff. I have a couple of hundred euro to spend between the lot of us but no ideas. Can everyone just throw out there what they have bought their mothers to see if I can get inspiration, I'm desperate
Frankie Posts: 1571
Tickets to Rebecca Storm & a meal in the New Year? I got my mam her favourite perfume, a lovely bracelet for Debra Ireland and a pretty tealight holder. For my MIL, we all clubbed together and got her and FIL a weekend in Pisa in January - that cost €400 to book including flights and accommodation. What about a spa day? We got that for my mam a couple of years back and while it wasn't something she would ever have considered it went down a treat! Last year I got her an oil painting, which she loves and has on her bedroom wall - that's something you do have to be careful with as it's important to know personal tastes! HTH
mad woman Posts: 22106
yeah a day in a spa , powerscourt????, what about a weekend away for her and your dad?
clio99 Posts: 712
My mam wanteda digital camera, so we got her the Hp camera and printer package €229, very easy to use, u just pop the camera on the top of the printer dock and bobs your uncle