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only deadly Posts: 491
Hi Everone , Right this is going to sound so sad but Im 26 have paid for 20 lessons have a gorgeous car and will not drive at all not even to the shops I get so panicked thinking off cutting out and been stuck in the middle of a road my hands are sweating now just thinking of it. I went for my lesson ISM taught I was deadly and was driving and on my second lesson the gob shite brought me to Artane ( had to drop someone off ) and my god I was freaked since then and have gotten more lessons and I just seem to get worse and worse. Can anyone please recommend a brilliant instructor who will get me driving within these 8 months we have or anyone any advice I just get so panicy. My partner drives the car so its not been wasted but my god I just feel like a dope seriously any help is greatly appreciated !!! O:o)
Little Angel Posts: 913
Chicken, you are not in the need of a new instructor you are in the need of a bit of confidence thats all and no you dont sound sad!! You of course have a right to be nervous but the cutting out and all that happens to absolutely everyone who is learning how to drive and if someone tells you that it did not happen to them.. guess what? they are telling you porkies!!! I say you go for it, put all your fears behind you, even for 10 mins on the quitest road ever ever ever. Just let the usual things happen and say to yourself when it happens that you are grand and then go for it again. Thats what I used to do... Never pay attention to the car behind you and if they beep, then beep back!! You can do of luck xxx
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
It happens to everyone and the only thing for it is to take the car out and drive it! The first time I took my car out was a disaster, couldnt do anything,but with perserverance I got used to it and was grand after a couple of weeks.You have to forget about the people behind you and just concentrate on the road. If you cut out the worst thing that can happen is that you will have to try again. *) I really HATE to see people beeping at learners.They seem to forget that we all had to learn ourselves >:o(
Mrs080808 Posts: 1569
CONFIDENCE- its the only thing that will sort you out, i was really nervous and one day i said f3ck it, if all these people can do it so can i and from that day i have no fear at all. i will drive anywhere.Just remember all those people were in your position once, some of them forget they were learners and think they were born spitting engine oil. i always remember my dad telling me you pay attention to whats in front of you,whats behind you will take care of themselves. I drive a big car and never get beeped at but i've sometimes had to borrow MIL2bs car which is smaller and L plates and get beeped at loads, i think some people see the L plate and think it gives them a licence to be an ar*ehole and shake the drivers confidence.put two fingers up to the lot of them and get out there. Lots of luck
bobdcow Posts: 53
leave the whole driving thing until you really really really want to do it. then you'll be confident and ready, a nervous driver is fair dangerous, so be sure your ready relaxed and you'll be fine. Good Luck
only deadly Posts: 491
Hi Girls thanks so much I know I lack confidence and just have to get in and DO IT so Im going to start bit by bit again and then start with the little roads then go on to bigger I just have to thanks again :o)ll
BrideJune Posts: 9
I got lessons with ISM and didn't find them very good at all. They also piggyback the last lesson so you end up driving to where they live and then onto where the next lesson pickup so you don't get experience driving on the test route. Also found that they spent most of the time telling me about their DVD for €25. I got lessons from a guy called Ian from passmasters 087 2246229. He's brilliant. Very calm and always gives precise answers to any questions. I passed the test after getting the lessons from him...wouldn't have had a hope after the ISM lessons. HTH
Woodstock Posts: 1565
[quote="BrideJune":yrpvsnmq]I got lessons with ISM and didn't find them very good at all. They also piggyback the last lesson so you end up driving to where they live and then onto where the next lesson pickup so you don't get experience driving on the test route. Also found that they spent most of the time telling me about their DVD for €25. [/quote:yrpvsnmq] yup I agree re. ISM - I had lessons from them before in Raheny and I thought they were very unprofessional. I even wrote them a complaint letter back then (over 2 yrs ago) and they never replied. This man - no offence now - but he was a real Dub, explaining stuff like 'where [i:yrpvsnmq]me sounds [/i:yrpvsnmq]are' (referring to the car stereo) he kept on telling me things I knew, he could not answer my questions, never picked up on my coasting (which caused me to fail the test) kept saying i was doing well and I would have passed no problem. On the day of the test (car was serviced the week before) a bulb went in the back of the car, one of the break lights. :o( As you know, that is an immediate fail, you never even get to do the test. Anyway, I was in the car with him 1 hour before the actual test, doing a pre-test, asked him to help me find a garage or a shop where I could buy a new bulb or else I wouldn't have been able to do the test altogether... what did he do? wished me best of luck and walked away :eek (the hour was ending - he thought i would have missed the test so no point in even staying), didn't help, left me there (I'm not familiar with Raheny) on my own to try and fix it. ;o( A Nissan garage (my car wasn't a nissan!) was kind enough to change the fuse (that's all it was gone). I arrived at the test center 2 mins before the test! Wrecked! So much stress to fix the car, and failed anyway! ;o(
only deadly Posts: 491
Oh my god thats ab mental.. The piggy back was my problem as it didnt matter if you were a novice or not you had to drive the person in the back home and Artane you knwo that massive roundabout after driving for one house as in 1 lesson Im on that HELLO I shouted and screamed blue murder at the instructor and I think he taught it was funny Im not messing he showed me how to start a car but nothing about mirrors roundabout nothing ab disgrace and to top it off scared me out of driving ... Im after getting on to a company name NEW DRIVER he seems good so please god Ill be driving soon !
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Agree about ISM being sh*te. On my first lesson the instructor took me out to the Liffey Valley roundabout - it's bad enough for experienced drivers, but I nearly had heart failure trying to get around it. And he kept shouting at me too if I made a mistake. NOT a good way to calm a nervous driver.