Hen Nite - Fun Marital Advice ??

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SaJa Posts: 4282
Having a hen night for my best friend tomorrow night and was going to do up a list of "Marital Advice" for her, just something fun and light hearted, something along the lines of: "When he's wrong, tell him he's wrong, otherwise he'll never learn" "Never go to sleep on an argument, stay up all night having make up sex" Anyone got any other ideas?
Babylou Posts: 724
"Marriage has no guarantees. If that's what you're looking for, go live with a car battery" "A husband's last words should always be, OK buy it." "The four most important words in any marriage..."I'll do the dishes." "The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he's a baby." "never go to bed angry and [b:2ba6ebo1]never[/b:2ba6ebo1] admit that he is right"
barbaraann Posts: 1500
Always keep a set of batteries !!! :o0 :o0 Also here's a link to a previous post I put up on the [b:2n00ofsv]Nine Words Women Use[/b:2n00ofsv] You might get something from that :wv