How cool is this Halloween cake!!!

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kila2008 Posts: 678 ... .11694.jpg I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Halloween cake. The level of detail in it is just amazing. I'm interested in making crafts myself and as a result I notice when the detail isn't there in things, but Louise, I simply can't fault her efforts in any way. There are so many people making these novelty cakes these days but usually you can see flaws somewhere in the designs, but I've been looking through the photos on her website though and I'm soooo impressed :-)
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
Yes I saw that cake on display at Cake International in Birmingham, it's amazing, Louise is very talented.
kila2008 Posts: 678
Can you preserve those cakes? Just think it would be cool as a centrepiece for Halloween parties, but unfortunately out of my budget, especially if someone was just going to eat it on me.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
No really, you can preserve fake cakes with the icing on dummies with a glaze or something, not sure if that one is real or not. If they have real cake inside it obviously goes off eventually. Display cakes with the dummies inside can last years if stored properly.
Bm10 Posts: 296
snap ! I stood in front of that cake for a good 15 mins in Birmingham and kept coming back to it! Have you seen her Titanic cake ? If it's not on her website it's definitely on her facebook page. Louise is one of the finest cake decorators in the country .
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
That is amazing! Bm10 the Titanis is brilliant, it's on her website. Would love the skill or patience for this kind of thing :o0