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PixieSilver Posts: 17
Thanks a mil PomPom fot pointing me to this tread. Great to see so many other honest posts about the issue, I could have wrote any number of them myself. Can I ask if any of ye have found any good coping mechanism s? I am planning on starting a food dairy tomorrow to see if I can find out my triggers, any one else find this good. Am just desparate at this stage to get a way of dealing with it
Caille Posts: 95
deleted as no one was interested.
Rogue User Posts: 6101
Sorry guys been inactive on this for some time - Caille if you are looking for help please PM me and I will do what I can. I have learned to somewhat control my cravings and binging - turned a big corner and am feeling great for the past few months. Did this without help from the doctor or other outside help. Put simply I found out my triggers and stopped eating them, started an exercise plan and focused on being healthy over skinny. There's more to it than that but to be honest after this thread was used against me by another poster on this site I don;t feel very comfortable speaking on it any more. If anyone wants helps please PM me and I will be more than happy to get in contact with you through email or other...
PixieSilver Posts: 17
I'm doing tbe Bodywhys self help book where u do a meal plan and also an eating diary. Have found it really helpful along and haven't really binged in d past few weeks since starting. Definitely helped me realise my triggers and now I try to mange things better. Am help for support if anyone needs it x
Caille Posts: 95
Hi Box, no, you're fine.
Rogue User Posts: 6101
Your post definitely did not kill the thread - it's just not visited very much anyway. Please post the list back up if you still have it. Even though people are not posting they are still looking and any info that can help them is very much appreciated. Thank you.
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SuperTroopers Posts: 8
Hi guys, currently trying to get help / get better. Ive had srious issues with food since the age of 15, nearly 30 now. Caille it would be great if you could post your suggestions again. also has anyone any recommendations for a counsellor/therapist in the Tipperary/Waterford/Cork/kilkenny area...
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Am still binge eating regularly :-8 Came across this and thought I'd post in case anyone wants a read: ... al-eating/
Grace Posts: 39
I can completely relate to this thread. I had to really rethink the way I was eating and why. I started seeing Tina Cronin weight management at the Roseville Rejuvination Clinic in Terenure and it makde me look at why I ate but also at my portion sizes, which were huge and I didn't realise! For my height and target weight to be healthy a portion of pasta is 15 0 20 pieces of pasta and not the huge bowls I was having! I found that really helpful and I've lost about 28 lbs so far : ) I've another 10 - 15 to go.
Rogue User Posts: 6101
I'm on full binge mode again. Past few weeks have been really hard - don;t know why nothing has happened, no big event - just started eating and cannot stop myself. Clothes getting tight and I look and feel repulsive. Has anyone ever gone to counselling - did it help? I am desperate now...