I've found the perfect dress but can't afford it!

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mrsdaisy Posts: 42
Hi girls, I've found the perfect dress but it's way over my budget. I've searched online & in numerous shops for something similar but to no avail! Has anyone had their wedding dress made and were happy with the outcome? If you were could you send me details of who made your dress? Thanks in advance :)
WaltKawolski Posts: 149
I'd be interested in hearing from someone who has had a dress made from scratch too. :o)ll
willowwillow Posts: 40
Eileen Abbott is Mohill, Co. Leitim is a very good dress maker and designs Wedding desses, I know of 1 girl who got her wedding dress made with her and she did a fantastic job. She was on off the rails a few yrs ago. She shares a showroom in Newtownforbes, Co. Longford with Wendy Knight who designs hats, feathers and jewellery. Might be worth giving her a call if you live anyway close
Cabracastleb2b Posts: 36
Maybe you could consider buying the dress second hand??
WaltKawolski Posts: 149
Thanks Slieve - I may check it out. I've always wanted to have my wedding dress made - it's not a money issue. I just think it will make it extra, extra special!
AliceB Posts: 495
I'm having mine made by Sarah Foy in Clontarf and so far delighted with results. Nearly at last fitting and am very happy with it and she is lovely to work with. Would def recommend her and it is working out a fraction of the cost of some of the more expensive dresses I tried on. My dress is a bit of a cross between two ones I had tried and I had loads of opportunities to get it exactly right by having lots of calico fittings and also choosing the exact material together.
nearlytherenow Posts: 1072
couldn't afford mine either so bought itonline from america for half the price. got it in jan and its exactly like the one in the shop! fully boned and tulle underskirt. gorgeous.
Mrs Magnum Posts: 974
A friend of mine saw the dress she wanted but it was very expensive. She got almost the same dress made by a dressmaker and it was gorgeous. If you can find a good dressmaker, you should consider it.
mrsdaisy Posts: 42
Thanks for the advice girls. I should have asked is getting a dress made expensive? I'm presuming it can't be more than the €4k the one I love costs!!
daisy1101 Posts: 238
Hi ariel111, The dress I wanted would have cost me 4k if I was to buy it in Ireland so I emailed a few bridal stores in New York and bought it from one of them for half the price including shipping to Ireland!! You should have a look to see if you can find it in the States and buy it from a bridal store there, it will save you lots of cash!!