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la esposa Posts: 1191
I was on my way home from Galway today and was bored as dh was driving so just texted in the answer to a quiz on 2fm (Aidan Leonard's show).Never even heard what the prize was.Fell asleep then and woke up to my phone ringing.Aidan Leonard on the line!Said I'd won and would I go on air."No way" was my polite answer but anyway he said he'd post me out cd's and "tickets to a couple of big concerts on next year".Cant wait to see what they are!Hope to God its not westlife/Celine/Neil diamond.. Has anyone else ever won these text in competitions?Its actually the second one I've won! :o)ll
milis Posts: 7998
Well done :o)ll I've never won anything, let us know what the concerts are *)
Judy Posts: 612
:o)ll Well done that was just how I felt last wk finding out I got tickets to Podge & Rodge im off to see them tomoro night!!!
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
ooh deadly!! Hope it's a good concert that you get tickets for!
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Congrats, there seems to be a lot of winning going around at the moment!! Hope they are tickets for something you like!!!