Ideas for baby shower present

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mini mama Posts: 834
Hi Girls my sister in law's baby shower is on in few wks,she has a little girl and her next baby is also a girl...she has her double buggy already and loads of clothes so what would be a good present to get her for herself or baby....I was thinking originally of giving her money or voucher but i always agonise over whether this is seen as a lazy gift even though personally i think i would prefer cash..any ideas would be very welcome :wv
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
How about a massage voucher or a hamper ()
Framboise Posts: 150
My best friend just had her first baby, little girl, last week so have been racking my brain for a nice present & came up with following 2 ideas, not sure which to go with - 1) Identity bracelet - I used to have one & always loved looking at it when I was older to see how tiny my wrist used to be. They have some lovely ones in Links (Dundrum S/C), can get them engraved with name & date (on back) or 2) Voucher for session with photographer, e.g. Photogenic Am prob going with 2nd option as her wedding pics were a disaster & they have a new house, so would be nice to get some pics to put in it.
ms organised Posts: 1069
Hi there A few of the spas do 'Mum to be' packages which might be nice or how about doing a hamper of things she'll need for the hospital like new pyjamas, dressing gown, slippers, some moisterisers, mini shampoos etc. Not sure if that helps in anyway?? O-O
jellywellies Posts: 2268
One of my mates had a little girl last month and I did up a box for her ... put in baby grows, talc powder, wipes, baby shampoo, nappies, cotton wool and a bath pillow and bath salts for her. She seemed to really appreciate it!! x
mini mama Posts: 834
Thanks a million girls that is brill...i might try put a hamper together and look at a voucher for a mother to be massage or something for her...thanks again :thnk
ms organised Posts: 1069
Well best of luck and I'm sure she'll be very grateful for whatever you choose to give her. O-O
feb08bride Posts: 656
in woodies at the moment they have fab white little chests witha pick beat on top, georgous and onlt about €15, u'm going to buy this and fill it with little gifts, have about 4 family members plus close friend pg at the mo so surely one of them will have a girl (the biys one ins't as cute) you could put all sorts of stuff into it, if she has a girl already odds are she will have loads of baby gro's e tc, but you could always fill it with little bibs, socks, t-shirts, booties, etc - things she would have had but get grubby and may not be used again for the new baby, or else little photo frames, albums, etc the list is endless
Silent Bride Posts: 565
Ive been to loads of baby showers and had one myself when I was due my DD and you can't go wrong with a fab hamper......and along with getting nice baby stuff, its always nice to put something in for the mummy. I would say from personal experience that limit the amount of Johnsons bottles (powder, cream, shampoo) that you put in your hamper. Not that this stuff isn't brilliant but some people don't use it and it can be wasted, so Id get stuff like: Vests Babygros Bibs Nappies Teething rings Nappy rash creams Baby Calpol Baby sponge Diposable changing mats/bibs Wipes Mini bottle of Milton antibaterial Hand Gel (this is brill & so handy as it fits in handbag) For mum: PJ's Slippers Hand cream (handy as shell be washing her hands constantly and this will come in handy) Small bottle of perfume Bottle of wine (usually goes down well) Hope this helps. Posts: 92
Hi, Here are a few hampers with a selection of baby themes. I have included Nappy Cakes, Flower Pails, and a Pamper Hamper for Mum. Drop me a line if you have any queries, Sian x