im very bold

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twinssep Posts: 1242
girls im so bold isabel is playing in a friends house and babies r asleep im sitting on my bed watching eastenders with a cup of tea and a packet of toffeepops yum :-8
[email protected] Posts: 492
Oh you wise woman!!! I hope you scoffed the lot!!!
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
You go girl!! :o)ll Sounds like the right place to be, especially this horrible wet day!! I am heading home in half an hour do do almost the same - tea, packet of choc chip cookies and a really good book I am stuck in at the mo!
charli Posts: 5994
well deserved i say!! you have your hands full - you see Baby on Board last night, couple with 4 kids under 5, (twins aged 8 months) i remember saying to hubby thats like one of the girls on WOL :-8 :-8 i have total admiration for you (and that couple last night) :wv
Topolino Posts: 1659
Nothing bold about that Twinsep! Enjoy it while you can!!!
twinssep Posts: 1242
ah girls that didnt last long they woke up!!!! no rest for the wicked i think they smelled the biccies!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
:o0 ah shite you still got a few minutes though :o0
babe06 Posts: 898
oh toffee pops - will have to pick them up now!! We've had takeaway or gone out for dinner every night this week - I'm juts not interrested in food really but we feel like we're in limbo. How are you feeling these days?
twinssep Posts: 1242
i know re the food we are just deciding what to hav eor dinner i think fajitas im grand thanks hun feeling well im a bit tired but sure thats all part of it i have my 20 week scan next week im a bit nervous as the will be able to tell me where the placenta is pg it wont be previa again i really hope u have the bubs soon hun u must be going mad keep meposted im dying to hear ur good news