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rop Posts: 1453
hiya, Heading into the Coombe later to be induced just a few quick (probably silly) questions... 1 - Do i just bring my normal labour bag with maybe an extra nightdress in case it takes a bit longer? 2 - Does DH stay with me? We live more then an hour away from the hospital so would take him a while to get home and then back in if something were to happen! thanks
macsmissus Posts: 928
Hi babypickle - my SIL just had a baby in the Coombe under 2 weeks ago and she was induced also at 10 days overdue. She brought normal labour bag and my brother had everything else in the car (she was induced on the Wednesday evening and ended up having to get a section on the Friday night). My brother was allowed stay with her til about 11pm in the evenings and then allowed back in around 7.30am the next morning. Your DH will probably only be allowed stay if you are are in full labour. My SIL wasn't so he had to leave and they would have called him if anything happened. My mam lives pretty close to the Coombe so was handy for him but at other quiet times during the day when no visitors are allowed, he usually just read/slept in the car outside in the car park. The fee is €24 for a full day s maybe worth it? Best of luck - hope everything goes well for you :o)ll
Santa Posts: 1191
not sure but just wanted 2 say best of luck hope all go's well not long now till u will be hoding ur lo :o)ll :o)ll
Martiespride Posts: 997
The very best of luck to you. i was induced after being 10 days over. DH stayed all day with me (8.00 to 2am) i had baby at half 12 at night. bring a 2lt bottle of water with you, i found i was dehydrated. best of luck, you will be holding your baby very soon :o)ll :o)ll
rop Posts: 1453
Thanks girls, going in at 6:30 and really hope something happens fast as I don't fancy spending more time then I have to in there, especially if DH has to leave at 11
pippen Posts: 50
:lvs Best of luck to you!! I was induced twice, 14 days & 10 days over. The best advice is after you get the gel & have been monitored etc get walking. Is it tonite you're going in or tmw morning at 6? I went in both times in the am . First baby had gel about 10am & kicked off at about 4pm, waters were broken etc &deived at 11pm. I walked up &down the stairs loads ,its the only way but obviously don't wreck urself or u won't be able for delivery. My husband was around for most of the day,in and out from work. The 2nd time, i got the gel about 10 again and sent husband to work, did the stairs corridor etc wvery hour & kicked off about 4pm again, waters broken by dr again and had baby at 7pm. Bring your labour bag with u but leave your big bag in the car. Bring extra pair of slippers in big bag too and :-8 shave down below! Much better after delivery in case you have lot of stitches. Enjoy!!
rop Posts: 1453
thanks pipen - going in this evening and was told id get the gel around 9pmish? will definitely get walking so if it spurs things on! its such a strange excitement - i just keep thinking every time I do something today its the LAST time ill do it before baby arrives :o)ll :o)ll
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Hey baby pickle! I was induced a few weeks ago and had my first lot of gel at 6pm in the evening. I got more the following morning. DH was at work but only 20mins away. Bring both bags (labour and hospital) with you when you're admitted as you might not have baby tonight. If you need to get moved they'll either keep your big bag locked up or let you bring that to labour ward too (I brought all my bags with me). Bring a couple of nighties just in case your waters go all over one. And bring water as someone else said, with a sports cap so you can suck it out moreso that trying not to spill it!! Your DH will be allowed stay till around 9.00 I think depending on how you're progressing. The car park is 2.50 for four hours so my DH used to drive out one gate and back in again as I was there for a week and 24 euro a day was alot! That way was only around 7.50 a day. Good luck pet!