Internals/sweeps/shows - wtf?!

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pinkframe Posts: 628
OK, so I was at work Wednesday + started getting crampy pains all day...about 40/45 mins apart. Had a dampness situation Monday between the two, thought it best to phone Holles Street who told me to go in. Went in Wednesday after work, had an internal + a trace. Babs happy out thank God, internal showed I'm not dilating + waters are pains were pre labour etc. Bled after the internal Wednes night/yesterday morning + then nothing all afternoon + last night. Decided to take a holiday day today just for a rest. 6am this morning....was going to the loo + wiping showed brown stringy blood, like the start of a period. Then at 7.30am, went to the loo again + more stringy blood. Nothing now, all moving away grand thank God...feeling crampy but I've been feeling crampy since Tuesday?? Would the blood be as a result of the internal or might the internal have been a sweep also or what? Or would you think this is me starting off. I had symptoms of premature labour at 24 weeks so got the steroid injections etc then...not worried about babs - but just not really sure whether this could be it or what? We only have our antenatal class tomorrow so neither of us have a clue really! Appreciate you help as always! :thnk
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
It sounds like a show you had this morning, if you're only having crampy pains I wouldn't panic just yet.. It could just be that the internal dislodged some of the mucus plug either! Just have a nice bath a take it easy and see how you get on, if you are starting you'll know!!
snowbear Posts: 2107
They wouldn't, or at least shouldn't give you a sweep without your knowledge or permission. So I'd say it's just your body getting ready... it's a good sign, hopefully the more activity you have pre labour the more of the work is getting done and the less likely you'll need intervention later! I was getting cramps and shows from 38 weeks onwards and my waters broke at 39+2.