Is anyone else a Starvin Marvin??

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maniemoo Posts: 582
Ok so I'm quite bored in work today but just curious, is anyone else is flippin starving all the time? I'm 36 wks this week and have been ok up till now, in fact was probably eating slightly smaller portions than usual if anything and have only put on 8lbs the whole pregnancy, most of that in the last 4/5 weeks (I was overweight to start with though so had to be careful), but jaysus the last few days I feel like eating all round me! I had my brekkie and lunch today as normal but I'm sitting here RAVENOUS now, wondering what I can devour! :o0 At this rate I'll put on another 8 lbs before baby's born even though I've only a few weeks left! :innocent:
MrsRugby Posts: 1532
I am 33 weeks and yes at work today and blood gagging for food! I normally keep a few things in drawer - bit of fruit / crackers but ate them all earlier on. Mad for bowl of rice krispes :o0
maniemoo Posts: 582
I just gave in and wolfed down a bagel!! I won't be able to get through the door if this continues for another month! Mmm rice krispies :o0
MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Thank god work is finished, am off now to savage the kitchen :o0
Ivy F Posts: 2023
D*mn.......WHY did you have to mention Rice Krispies???? :o0 :o0
flippersmrs Posts: 660
YES!!!! Iam hungry all the time. atwork today and all i can think about is food. :-8 and whats dh cooking for dinner. i have had so far today: bowl weetabix, actimel cranberry juice apple orange banana bag popcorn bag crisps twix beef stirfry with noodles (half portion) stewed apple with custard 2 biscuits and now im off to get a yogurt and then off home at 8pm to my dinner and prob some icecream for dessert. :-8 :-8 :-8 i could eat a horse. :-8