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msbelle Posts: 726
hi all i just heard a very strange story... a girl i know got married 3 months ago and she is still not living with her husband!! heres the story, he lives miles away and he has his own house and business! she is working a crappy job and living with her mammy, eh why?? i dont know how she can do this! i cannot bear to be apart from h2b during work hours (im a big softie :-8 ) fair enough there are not alot of jobs available but is your marraige not more important and when he can afford to keep her for a while. since they got married they havent spent any longer that 2-3 days at a time together ! the thing that bugs me tho is anytime i have seen her she hasnt a care in the world i dont think it would bother her if she never lived with him! :eek am i the only one thinks this is ridiculous?
Layla20 Posts: 1089
I do think its very strange. I'm living with H2B even though it means a good drive for work for me, but got sick of just seeing him weekends and the odd evening. Can't imagine getting married and still not moving in or at least having plans to.
zarazia Posts: 396
Well im sure it depends on their own personal circumstances and me personally would prefer to be living with my husband. Im living with my h2b a year now as it is and will be living together over 3 years by the time we get married but everone to their own. Maybe she wants to be financially secure herself before she moves in with him or maybe they are waiting to buy a house between them in time. It does seem strange to hear about a newlywed husband and wife not living together in this day and age but im sure they have their reasons and will eventually live together. They do have the rest of their lives after all. :wv
msbelle Posts: 726
oh gosh yes like there has to be some reasons whatever they may be but i just cant get my head round it ... i just think there is no " good reason" as suchto not live with him. IMO life is too short! its funny they made no plans to live together when they have been together over 4 years! ah well theres nowt as strange as folk as they say :o0
zarazia Posts: 396
Ya it def is a strange one alright. You would imagine that being together four years they would have had some sort of plan to live together some how but as you said 'theres nowt as strange as folk' :o0 (i like that one) :o0
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
VERY odd.
micksmrs Posts: 931
I suppose their living arrangements are their business and they dont have to justify them to anyone.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I wouldnt call it ridiculous! Bit odd maybe but theres no law to say once they are married that they must live together! There could be lots of reasons - they might be really religious (arent you supposed to be married 6 months before you move in together?) maybe her mother is sick or depends on her? Maybe she doesnt want him to "keep" her for a while? Stop being such a busy body. If it bothers you that much why dont you just ask her?
200210bride Posts: 422
i know a couple who came home from honeymoon and their new house wasnt ready.. so instead of renting or staying with friends she moved back to her mams house and he moved back to his parents house for THREE months!!!!
Muse Posts: 1580
a married couple I know have never lived together because of work reasons. Theyre newly weds now but it's still the same. I couldnt do it!