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crazylady10 Posts: 539
Hey girls Just said id ask here and see what ye have experienced. Since earlier today my skin on my arms, legs, feet and back are as itchy as hell but i dont have any spots or rash where im scratching. I dunno whats going on and dont want to ring the maternity ward especially seen ive been up there alot in the past few weeks. Anyone have any experience on this?
Mrs Mia Posts: 326
Hey! Yes my tummy and feet itch like hell the last few weeks, said it to midwife last wk and she said its normal so try not to worry! :lvs
pd2 Posts: 85
Hey there, Just had to reply when i seen this post, my mams friends, daughter had this only a couple of months ago while pregnant, her's was so bad that she used to sit in cold bath of water, during the night, the doctor said the only cure for this is to take the baby early, im not sure why exactly the baby has to be taken early but i know they said it was the best option, i cant remember the name of this itching, but im sure it starts with a C. If i find out the name il post it back here but please dont worry as i dont mean to scare you with this you may have something totally different... best of luck.. :stork: :wv
crazylady10 Posts: 539
thanks hopeful2010! im just irritated by it!! its so annoying. only started up tonight! anyone who says to me that pregnancy is glamerous and lovely will get such a box from me!!!!!!!! such lies!!!
pd2 Posts: 85
Hi there, I had a quick look on line, and there is a website for the thing i said my mams friends daughter had, im not suggesting you have the same thing, so please take this with a pinch of salt, however if you are concerned, have a read of this or get in contact with your gp. I hear what your saying about people saying pregnancy is glamerous, i myself am not seen this, im due my second in december, and its prob terrible to say, but i really wish it was december now, at the end of the day we have this wonderful baby its horrible to feel like shit for most of the 9 months previous, mind you that said my last pregnancy was a breeze resulting in a boy, perhaps its a girl this time so i better hold onto all those shoes my husband keeps pointing at... the website is Take Care.. :wv :wv
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Hi Ciaramcd1, Here is more information on itchy during pregnancy, I had it the whole way through and every time I told a doctor theyb checked my bloods for the condition the other poster mentioned, I didn't have it so try not to panic but I would always get checked when something new happens like that during your pregnancy, hope your ok :wv [url:32vsvb3h][/url:32vsvb3h]