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Panama Posts: 383
Hi folks. I have a load of jars available, for free, for anyone that's on the look out. Only catch is they'll have to be collected- im in Dublin 8. The frosted ones are all that small size (have about 10 of these) The ones with the flip lid I have in a couple of sizes - there's about 12 of these I think. I know people won't want all of them together but ideally I'd like to get rid of them in 2/3 lots. They'll need a good wash - have been sitting in my store room and my dishwasher is currently broken! Drop me a PM if your interested. ETA: I also have a load of tea light holders...
Panama Posts: 383
Sorry pic didn't upload first time... [attachment=0:1kqsc60r]image.jpg[/attachment:1kqsc60r]
PoppyPower Posts: 1
Hi Panama, I'd love all or even some of them please! We are diy-ing pretty much everything so they would be brilliant, we live in Dublin 8 too :) Thank you!
louter Posts: 25
Hi Panama :) I'm in d8 and would also love some of these.. Let me know if they're still available and we can organise collection! Thanks a mill :)
Panama Posts: 383
I've replied to a couple of PMs but I'm not sure if they sent! If you'd PM'd me and didn't get a reply let me know :-)